Bizarre news feeding frenzy erupts inside San Bernadino terror shooters' former home


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“couldn’t get any weirder, it gets weirder.”

Stay classy America, or not…


OK, NOW we’ve reached the lowest that cable news can get. RIGHT??


seriously, wtf. it’s an active crime scene! now it’s completely tainted as far as any evidence goes. and that poor woman, jeez.


Well, it’s critical that these newshounds scoop each other in the quest to give the shooters/terrorists/psychopaths/losers all the notoriety they sought. The 'Murican Way.

God help us.


Then surely the police would have controlled the site. Reading about this on reddit, it looks like the police are strangely done with the apartment. For me though the contents are the property of the shooter’s families. The landlord shouldn’t just be letting people in. I suppose he assumes that nobody is going to come forward and claim all their stuff.


Even Jerry Springer is cringing at this!


Yeah, let’s not lump us all together…

  1. Isn’t this a crime scene? How the HELL does one just let people trounce around through there? Say good bye to any trace evidence collected after this fact.

  2. Hi, this is journalistic integrity. Remember me?

Enjoy the circus, folks. Are you that god damn starved for entertainment? OH wait, Walking Dead did just end mid season.


I just…



Well we have Donald Trump after all. :crying_cat_face:


Tis true, tis true indeed!


i have no idea about that. i haven’t followed this in that much detail, but it sure seems like crime scenes in general are under stringent lockdown for much longer than this. someone slipped up, i think.


The guy actually tearing down the plywood is from CNN. and there were a bunch of things that seem odd for the investigators to leave behind, like all the paper in the shredder. Inside Edition reportedly broadcasted that they paid $1000.00 for entry. And lots of regular people started showing up, with children and pets. The guy who claimed to be the owner of the property was driven away from the scene by the police, according to local news.


Everything about it is hard to believe. The whole circus is just sickening.
A couple years ago our boss at the place where I was working had 60 inch TV’s installed near our cubes (one in my very close direct vision) that were supposed to be used at some point for our IT infrastructure monitoring stuff. ONE did. The one by me was tuned to fucking CNN all day. Till I couldn’t take it anymore and just shut it off when the auto-timer turned it on every morning.


Good for you, that shit will poison your life.


And if Trump had his way he’d kill that old lady for just being family.

I am starting lose all faith in humanity. WTF?


Well I am shocked. The media just crossed the line, and they have never crossed the line before. And they certainly have never done irresponsible things that could possibly ruin somebody’s life. After all, journalists have ethics.


For my 2 Islamic drinking buddies, were hit’n the bar early, it’s Friday after all.


The only person more pissed off than the rest of us?



Ha Ha Ha Ha! BTW: He’s still alive?