Black delivery driver in Oklahoma blocked by white man for being in a gated community

At some level, I see what the asshole was trying to do there: He wanted to punish someone else who lived in his community who committed the grave sin of providing their access code to a third party. It’s very likely a violation of the homeowners association covenant.

But I am completely convinced that if the driver of the delivery truck had been white, he would not have followed through, and especially not in the way he did. Unlawfully detaining a delivery driver in order to investigate an imagined violation of HOA rules is the action of a deeply privileged asshole. And again, I think he never would have done it if the driver had been white.

So yeah, racist AF.

It’s a quibble, but I want to add a couple of conditions to your assessment.

Many (perhaps a majority) of non-Hispanic whites who live in Oklahoma are racist to one degree or another. But I think that’s a condition of being born white in the USA. One has to work actively to re-educate oneself against the prevailing culture. And since Oklahoma is socially and politically conservative, it makes it that much harder for a privileged person to even perceive the problem.

I’m not excusing the wannabe neighborhood patrolman, I just didn’t want the 31% (ish) of Oklahomans who were not born into the privilege of being white to be swept up in the assessment of being racist AF.

And, full disclosure, I myself am a middle-aged white male. The difference between me and the hall monitor in the video is that I’m ashamed of my racist impulses. I’d bet he denies he even has any.


My first thought was: “why doesn’t he just call the police?”

My second thought was: “oh, armed police as a black person is risky”

Third thought: “that’s tragic that it’s come to this :(”


The shithole board member should worry about getting those trees trimmed and that shitty drive fixed. I bet those residents pay an insane amount of HOA dues to be in a gated community. I’d be a pissed off resident if my gated community looked (and acted) like that.


More to the point, if this jackass is so against POC, what’s he doing driving a car that isn’t American? He should be reported for un-American activities, by buying a foreign car!


In a perfect world, all companies making deliveries to this community would dump the delivery outside the gate, ring the bell then piss off, leaving all of the stuff sat outside unattended.


Yeah, the dude getting the delivery might be racist AF, too. And lazy as well. If you’re going to lock people out of your neighborhood, don’t expect people to drive up to your door; bite the bullet and drive to the gate where your package will be waiting. Hopefully not in the rain, or maybe you can petition your HoA to have a drop-box or something. But that might violate the by-laws causing an eye-sore so good luck with it.

Fing HoAs.


the man was blocking him in with a White Subaru.




I’m white and “of a certain age”. I have a record, “strikes” and, thankfully, am no longer in the system. Even so, on those now rare occasions when I am pulled over, I do the following:

Turn on the dome light
Put my hands at the top of the wheel where they are in clear view.
Make no unexpected moves.
I answer questions that are asked. No more or less than asked.

Do I have “my rights”? Damned skippy!

However, as the old driver safety commercial used to say, “I can be right… Dead right”.

Dead right is too freaking easy to accomplish and FAR easier to avoid by simply answering the stupid questions from stupid people… Being in effect smarter than they are, without being a smartass.


Obviously the Delivery Driver had crossed the line; the Red Line. /s :frowning:


If the driver was white he’d have “defused” the situation by calling the cops and telling them he was being held hostage.

For some strange reason black people don’t tend to associate calling the cops as a positive means to getting them out of a bad situation.


HOA board member. Small man with small authority. King in his own racist little mind. I hope I never have to live in one of these places.


Yep. You and millions of others mate. Or more precisely, we love your beautiful country and some of it’s cooler inhabitants, but loath the scary white racist fucks ruining it for everyone.




more to the point, this delivery company, (and any other delivery company that’s tracking the optics on this) will back their employees and cross this neighborhood off their delivery area map.


“I’m sorry sir. We cannot deliver to your address. You live in a White Zone.”


It would be utterly unsurprising to learn that one or both of the men detaining the driver WAS a police officer.


Definitely false imprisonment. He himself can sue the guy civilly if/when the police decline to prosecute criminally.



Well yeah. The burbclaves are miniature nation states…


Why are there bad people mummy?

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