Black hats ... tips for social bots?

F yeah it’s craft: really… really… REALLY nerdy craft.

Anyone know what the state of the art is like in 2014 when it comes to social bots? What are the ones people are currently using?

I’m trying to find me a cracked copy of Instagram Avenger and AutoMatic Twitter Bot. Any ideas? The ones upped by the original cracker are inaccessible :\

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I’m replying to this thread for the sole (and selfish) purpose of getting notifications of any replies.

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Cracked auto-spam software? I’m in. What could possibly go wrong. :smiley:

Yeah… I dgaf about social anything, but I have been tasked with figuring this out :\ seems to be a forum of teenagers where such things are shared and discussed. I have a folder full of exe’s that will likely infect anything they touch, so I’ll report back when I get finished with checking them out.

Basically people sell these tools on various sites for anything from $20-$100+ but thankfully there are enough crackers out there that you can find cracked versions of pretty much all of them.

I also found a (supposed) $4000 exploit to package spyware into any .apk

My afternoon of research: never trust social media anything. never trust any apk that didn’t come from xda or the play store and never pay for anything.

It seems like there’s a bunch of hacking cred dished out for cracking these kinds of tools. … the crackers seem to derive great pleasure from breaking things that black hats are trying to sell. I will be running these in a sandbox, that’s fo sho.

PS: There’s also excellent animated gifs (4chan, undoubtedly)

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My black hat tip is that we are taking it back


You know, you can follow any post category. I’ve started following everything except boing.

Since then, I notice a hell of a lot more non-boing posts.

I’d recommend it; your notifications can occasionally fill up, but it makes the board more alive.

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@teapot - so, did you get anywhere with this?

This was a pretty decent place to start. I wasn’t that interested in making it actually happen, more just peering into the underbelly to see what people are doing. It goes without saying that some of these things are probably better off run in a virtual machine. It also made me scoff at social networks and their supposed regular users numbers and has me convinced that at least half the accounts on every network are dupe, spam or secondary accounts.

I, for one, have 100+ twitter accounts - 4 of which I actually use and only 1 of which I consider to be my ‘actual’ account.

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