Black Lives Matter. Still




“Trump is the fire this time.”


And the spark!







Baldwin again…

Still relevant. The language has changed a bit since then, but the underlying facts haven’t.


BLM getting shit done:

No justice, no peace.


Sacramento Kings ownership being surprisingly good:


Randolph should be better known.


Dr Hamilton with the numbers and the truth:


I make it a point to mention him every semester I teach US history. There would have been no march in 63 without him. It was his threat of a march on washington in 41 that integrated the defense industry.


“nothing that gave any indication of a motive”


The intellectual leaders of the modern conservative movement explicitly saw it as a white supremacist project:


Y’gotta admit that she has a point.

  1. Not ancient history.

I presume that Klan rallies are the sort of event that Freeze Peach absolutists would defend. The thing that gets me, though, is:

  1. The KKK is a terrorist organisation that has been murdering Black Americans for more than a century.

  2. So why do I never see these people advocating for the rights of al-Qaeda supporters to organise and assemble?


Gun reform is about a lot more than just gun shops: