Black Lives Matter. Still


I saw this on the news crawl yesterday morning, but there was no mention of the kid’s condition. Glad he’ll be OK.

And fuck you fucking racists in whitebread fucking Rochester Hills.


I should have mentioned this a week or so ago, but better late than never.

Hostile Environment outcomes/Windrush

…which neatly summarises the Home Office’s position on this…


I assume that this is also an attempt by the government to not look as bad.

Maybe if they had announced it in time to do something for this year I would have been more charitable, but not the day after the anniversary during a deportation scandal.


I think this thread is probably a good place to post this:


If I were in Hastings and Rye Labour party, I would remind people about this at the next general elections. She only has a majority of 346.



The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.


Time for some history again:

“Their heads were cut off and placed on poles along the river in order to frighten and intimidate the other slaves,” writes Waters for the Zinn Project. “This display of heads placed on spikes stretched over 60 miles."



What makes this even worse is that there is no similar investigation into white identity extremists, who actually ARE a threat to the safety of many Americans.



So in response to this:

Black residents of Oakland did this:

I’m sure that some scared white people saw this as a threat to their safety… But what a perfect response to this kind of racism…


I let a lot of these go past without posting, because I don’t want this thread to be just a litany of abuse. For every one we see, there are a thousand we don’t.


And the two weeks before that. And the two weeks before that.


Western ignorance of African history is pervasive and extreme.


A community organizer in Dothan AL is facing capital murder charges for giving someone a ride, who then got out of his car and shot someone…



The USA has two white supremacist parties.



i found this to be a great, thoughtful episode.

not only talking about the history of the clotilde, the last slave ship, but the challenges of the community who still live in the town founded by the survivors.