Black man found dismembered after complaining of harassment by white men in truck

Initial press release for LEO:

On Tuesday, November 2, 2022, Smith County Sheriff’s Department located the remains of Rasheem Carter just south of Taylorsville, MS, in a wooded area. Carter was initially reported missing on October 2, 2022, in Laurel, MS. Thank you to the public who turned in pertinent information regarding Carter’s whereabouts. At this time, we have no reason to believe foul play was involved, but the case is still under investigation. The remains were transported to MS Crime Lab for DNA confirmation.

Yeah, let’s be factual.


(Response self censored)!!!


This has been me since November, 2016. Sometimes I don’t always let it out in the healthiest of ways.
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Exactly. And you are not.
The local sherriff closed the case months ago after ruling there was no foul play. The Mississippi state police an opened investigation after the family hired an investigator, but finished their medical exam 3 months ago, announcing that they couldn’t determine if he was murdered.

Yes it is as bad as it looks, and yes they are using their failure to find the body for a month as an excuse to not acknowledge he was murdered.


Yes, because clearly, when someone is dismembered and decapitated, and their remains found in various places, that’s not necessarily a sign of foul play. I mean…maybe leprosy could explain that. Or crows? Oh…I know…rabid mosquitos. Clearly a natural death, though.


Not that I am not still enraged but you’re about a month behind, Rob:


Username checks out.


That doesn’t make anything about the authorities’ failure to do their due diligence even remotely “okay.”


This isn’t a case of the cops saying “we can’t definitively determine the manner in which this man was murdered due to the post-mortem violence inflicted on his body." This is a case where the cops basically said “there’s no evidence of foul play here because people accidentally dismember themselves and scatter their body parts around all the time.”


Exactly. They need to determine what happened based on facts so they can find who did it.

And the chance of solving it is a lot lower than it should be, just based on America’s low murder clearance rate.

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When the cops close the case, it was with “no evidence of foul play.” That was what they determined “based on the facts.” It was reopened because the family hired and investigator and pushed the case on their own. This has all the hallmarks of a classic lynching, right down to the local LEOs brushing it off. These are the facts.


‘The facts’ are that Rasheem Carter made reports to the police about being followed and threatened; and then he was killed shortly afterward… and the authorities still didn’t do shit until the story went viral.

Fuckin’ A, Doc; I can’t imagine the rigorous mental gymnastics it must take to be so willfully obtuse… but I guess it must be easier when one has the privilege of never having been the target of widescale oppression.


Wow, ok that part I didn’t get. Uh, that’s pretty shockingly bad.

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It’s only “shocking” if one has not been paying attention.


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Bullshit. This is a coverup. This kind of coverup happens all the time when racism is involved.

That would be racism, my dude.



Only kind of colored you can be in Jackson, and get out unscathed it seems


Unfortunately, if his body was out there for a month, it isn’t. Dismemberment of a living or recently deceased person indicates violence, but if a body is found only after decomposing in the woods for weeks, the fact that parts of the body aren’t connected (and are scattered) means almost nothing in itself. If it was done by a human, you’ll likely see tool marks on the bones, but pretty much any kind of large animal (feral dogs or pigs, coyotes - hell, at a certain point even herbivores like deer, cows, sheep start gnawing on bones) could end up moving parts of the body pretty easily, and if it’s not a flat area, gravity and weather alone could easily scatter remains. In this case it sounds like the condition of the recovered bones suggests violence, but the bones being separated is normal.

This is a grotesquely common occurrence in the US - police disregard for certain demographics, shall we say, means that disappearances get ignored, such that when someone finally does stumble on the body, there’s so little evidence left that the cops have “an out” that allows them to continue ignoring the case and file it away without any action. Unfortunately in this case he could have died from non-violent causes, and that possibility is going to undermine investigations into what actually happened, because the cops latched onto it.

Well, not quite - it’s more, “He said some people were trying to kill him? Gosh, too bad we ignored this case until there wasn’t even a body to find, just disconnected bones. Oh well, no way to know what happened, case closed.”

Which unfortunately the cops never cared about uncovering.

What’s fascinating to me is how the decrease in murder arrests coincides with improvements in forensic science, particularly DNA testing. You’d think with those kinds of improved tools, the rate would increase… except that obviously what’s happening is that cops don’t care who they arrest for murder, so long as they get someone, but DNA points to specific perpetrators, so they can’t arrest random people for the crime (and have the DA go along with it) the way they used to.


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If the cracker-ass Sheriff and deputies themselves aren’t the killers, some of their redneck y’all-qaida brothers and/or cousins are, guaranteed

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