Black man found dismembered after complaining of harassment by white men in truck

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His body was found in Taylorsville, just a few miles from the police station he went to for help (both the previous night and his final morning if I recall correctly).
It was a month after his murder that his body was found, so the examiner took that as an excuse to claim ignorance on what caused his death and mutilation. Despite that he reported people trying to murder him immediately before being killed and decapitated in the woods a few miles away.

It’s all fucking infuriating. Hopefully the feds will get involved


Jackson, Mississippi ? The same Jackson, Mississippi where the Mississippi legislature installed unelected (white) judges in violation of the state constitution? The same Jackson, Mississippi where the Mississippi Capital police were ordered to police the city, in violation of their jurisdiction?

Color me surprised.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out members of the Sheriff’s department happened to be on those trucks.

The scourge of white supremacy and Christi-fascism need to be rooted out of the national fabric, but getting the DOJ involved would be a start. I’m tired of baby steps.


List of places I want to live:
New Jersey (where I currently live…it’s expensive and the part of Jersey I’m in is MAGAland)
Missouri (where I used to live and really really wanted to go back, and now can’t because I’m trans)
Mississippi (not entirely sure why I wanted to move here, but now I definitely don’t)
Texas (my home state, there are 100,000 reasons for me to not go back)
sigh Guess I’m staying in Jersey for now.


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No, they just can’t determine the cause of death.

The examiner may just be dragging his feet on a slow investigation or whatever, but it’s not as bad as it first appears. It’s not like they’re looking at a dismembered body and claiming suicide.

The mutilation may or may not be what killed him. Maybe they beat him to death and cut him up afterwards. Maybe he was shot. Knowing if he was dismembered before or after he died is critical. That kind of detail is really, really important to a police investigation, and the examiner is just giving facts. This body is such rough shape that it’s not readily apparent what killed him.

They totally need feds to take over this case, but let’s be factual about what’s going on.


So far, for my been-theres-and-gone:
New Jersey
xas … working on it

I was also going to ask you about California and New York, because:

Have… you… looked into Virginia maybe?


Initial press release for LEO:

On Tuesday, November 2, 2022, Smith County Sheriff’s Department located the remains of Rasheem Carter just south of Taylorsville, MS, in a wooded area. Carter was initially reported missing on October 2, 2022, in Laurel, MS. Thank you to the public who turned in pertinent information regarding Carter’s whereabouts. At this time, we have no reason to believe foul play was involved, but the case is still under investigation. The remains were transported to MS Crime Lab for DNA confirmation.

Yeah, let’s be factual.


(Response self censored)!!!


This has been me since November, 2016. Sometimes I don’t always let it out in the healthiest of ways.
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Exactly. And you are not.
The local sherriff closed the case months ago after ruling there was no foul play. The Mississippi state police an opened investigation after the family hired an investigator, but finished their medical exam 3 months ago, announcing that they couldn’t determine if he was murdered.

Yes it is as bad as it looks, and yes they are using their failure to find the body for a month as an excuse to not acknowledge he was murdered.


Yes, because clearly, when someone is dismembered and decapitated, and their remains found in various places, that’s not necessarily a sign of foul play. I mean…maybe leprosy could explain that. Or crows? Oh…I know…rabid mosquitos. Clearly a natural death, though.


Not that I am not still enraged but you’re about a month behind, Rob:


Username checks out.


That doesn’t make anything about the authorities’ failure to do their due diligence even remotely “okay.”


This isn’t a case of the cops saying “we can’t definitively determine the manner in which this man was murdered due to the post-mortem violence inflicted on his body." This is a case where the cops basically said “there’s no evidence of foul play here because people accidentally dismember themselves and scatter their body parts around all the time.”


Exactly. They need to determine what happened based on facts so they can find who did it.

And the chance of solving it is a lot lower than it should be, just based on America’s low murder clearance rate.

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When the cops close the case, it was with “no evidence of foul play.” That was what they determined “based on the facts.” It was reopened because the family hired and investigator and pushed the case on their own. This has all the hallmarks of a classic lynching, right down to the local LEOs brushing it off. These are the facts.


‘The facts’ are that Rasheem Carter made reports to the police about being followed and threatened; and then he was killed shortly afterward… and the authorities still didn’t do shit until the story went viral.

Fuckin’ A, Doc; I can’t imagine the rigorous mental gymnastics it must take to be so willfully obtuse… but I guess it must be easier when one has the privilege of never having been the target of widescale oppression.