Black man found dismembered after complaining of harassment by white men in truck

Wow, ok that part I didn’t get. Uh, that’s pretty shockingly bad.

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It’s only “shocking” if one has not been paying attention.


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Bullshit. This is a coverup. This kind of coverup happens all the time when racism is involved.

That would be racism, my dude.



Only kind of colored you can be in Jackson, and get out unscathed it seems


Unfortunately, if his body was out there for a month, it isn’t. Dismemberment of a living or recently deceased person indicates violence, but if a body is found only after decomposing in the woods for weeks, the fact that parts of the body aren’t connected (and are scattered) means almost nothing in itself. If it was done by a human, you’ll likely see tool marks on the bones, but pretty much any kind of large animal (feral dogs or pigs, coyotes - hell, at a certain point even herbivores like deer, cows, sheep start gnawing on bones) could end up moving parts of the body pretty easily, and if it’s not a flat area, gravity and weather alone could easily scatter remains. In this case it sounds like the condition of the recovered bones suggests violence, but the bones being separated is normal.

This is a grotesquely common occurrence in the US - police disregard for certain demographics, shall we say, means that disappearances get ignored, such that when someone finally does stumble on the body, there’s so little evidence left that the cops have “an out” that allows them to continue ignoring the case and file it away without any action. Unfortunately in this case he could have died from non-violent causes, and that possibility is going to undermine investigations into what actually happened, because the cops latched onto it.

Well, not quite - it’s more, “He said some people were trying to kill him? Gosh, too bad we ignored this case until there wasn’t even a body to find, just disconnected bones. Oh well, no way to know what happened, case closed.”

Which unfortunately the cops never cared about uncovering.

What’s fascinating to me is how the decrease in murder arrests coincides with improvements in forensic science, particularly DNA testing. You’d think with those kinds of improved tools, the rate would increase… except that obviously what’s happening is that cops don’t care who they arrest for murder, so long as they get someone, but DNA points to specific perpetrators, so they can’t arrest random people for the crime (and have the DA go along with it) the way they used to.


The fuck

If the cracker-ass Sheriff and deputies themselves aren’t the killers, some of their redneck y’all-qaida brothers and/or cousins are, guaranteed

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You being you is not the problem


No shit, but if the Missouri AG has his way, I won’t be able to get my hormones if I move back there.


The only thing that really doesn’t fit a classic [hate crime] is that it’s in Jackson which is about 16% white, 80% black, has a black police chief, and a black activist mayor and a mostly black city council. Just pointing out, this isn’t a city where leadership covers for the Klan or that’s controlled by white supremacists.

I hope they find whoever did this and bring him / them to justice.

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Oh, come on, man! Lynchings have happened in majority Black cities and towns since Emancipation.

Also, Smith County, which is the Sheriff’s department with jurisdiction, is 74% White.


As I think we have learned many times, the cop part comes before the Black part. Black cops are often even more brutal to Black people then white cops. Possibly because they’ve both been indoctrinated and pressured to be even worse than white counterparts to prove they belong behind the thin blue line


That’s a new insight for me, and horrifying, because it rings true.


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Many lynchings happened in Black majority communities… That’s not how you define a lynching… FFS. There is not “perfect” definition of a lynching and we can all fucking relax when it doesn’t fit all the criteria perfectly. How about we not rule lawyer this shit, eh?


This case is way crazier than your typical criminal murders. I don’t see a link to it but here’s an article with some disturbing and very bizarre details about this. I won’t list it all here - it’s pretty bizarre, including an image of him from what looks like a trail camera.

This is just about a basic a lynching as you can get. He was murdered by a violent gang of thugs, and t he police are helping to cover it up…

This is a common form of violent crime in many parts of America, in fact, violent killings of Black men, generally speaking related to economic issues of some kind.


Basically, it seems that “I’ve got a gut feeling about this suspect” doesn’t trump “the DNA evidence excludes this suspect” when it comes to arrests and prosecutions these days. (So the cops can only fall back on old habits when there’s no - or mixed* - DNA evidence.)

*Luckily for the cops, it turns out that forensic labs are happy to declare matches between mixed DNA samples to whoever the cops indicate is their suspect, because the data gets messy and arbitrary interpretation counts for a lot (thereby ruining their scientific value, but hey…), and they want to please the cops.


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This one?


If only there were some kind of, I don’t know, critical theory that could help to explain this. Well, I guess we’ll never know.


i think the existence of exoneration via dna evidence proves this to be true.

there appear to be plenty of people in prison who were put there through circumstantial evidence, via racial bias, via poor investigations. and even with the courts setup to push back against reviews of settled cases and the limited resources of most imprisoned people… it seems there’s a quite a large number of convictions that get overturned. ( often after someone has spent decades in prison :confused: )

not having a professional police force and coroners is doubtless the reason. my understanding is the us has an abysmal solve rate versus other countries