Unreleased bodycam video reportedly shows cops lied about black man they killed in his car

Originally published at: Unreleased bodycam video reportedly shows cops lied about black man they killed in his car | Boing Boing


The U.S. Cops are home grown terrorists, no further proof is needed.


Time for War on Drugs Terrorism Law Enforcement?


Never believe a word that comes out of a cop’s lie-hole. They are not your friend. They are not public servants. They are armed thugs, bent on destroying civil society.


We need some sort of forced integration of news media. I read so many of these stories that at this point its not even learning something new, its just the daily horrible reminder of how badly we need to defund the police. The people that most need to, will not see this story. How can we get the people that continue to turn a blind eye to this shit to actually face it?


even during the worst periods of fighting in iraq and afghanisatan, the u.s. military terms of engagement weren’t as freewheeling as u.s. police in u.s. cities.


Since cops are more than willing to pull this racist crap, they’re willing to make up excuses for it. Don’t need to put sinister motives into touching the car though. As I learned from one of the lateral thinking puzzles on the Futility Closet podcast, which I listened to on BoingBoing, that’s typical procedure. Leave your fingerprints on the car as an extra form of proof. If the car drives away, but you can find it later (through the license plate or whatever), you can show this is the car you interacted with.

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There is no solution to a government agency that games out how to shoot people in such a way as to make it legal except to eliminate that agency. They are literally training the cops that “If a car touches you in any way then you can use lethal force”. Defund the police.


Same as it ever was.

*Great* ideas; no one has ever thought of before!

Now for your detailed plan to implement such massive changes and have them actually be enforced?

Are they honestly bad ideas? There has to be a financial incentive for police to police their own.

But how to accomplish those? We need to get enough people in a deeply racist nation to care. We’ve been highlighting race of victims above the actions of the police for a long time and still the abuse and killing continue. Do you want to continue that strategy for a few decades more? It does not help that the media usually chooses unflattering pictures of the victims.

When people I know and love are marginalized and abused by a racist system, I shed tears because I know them and love them. That the system is racist makes me angry, but it doesn’t affect how I care about them. We have to get people to care and realize that brutality by authority is a bad thing. It is something that affects Black and Brown people the worst, but it still affects everyone. That has to pointed out in order to get people motivated.

You just got a whole entire post dedicated to your concerns:

Don't use "All lives matter" here

You may want to put the shovel down and QUIT digging, dude…


Historical precedent sez: if cops are talking about any black man, there’s a better than 50/50 chance they’re lying. And if it’s about anyone they killed then they are certainly lying, without a doubt.


This is the most absurd confounding correlation with causation argument ever. You really think police continue to mistreat, assault and kill people of color because people point out that the victims are people of color? FFS.

This is blatantly perpetuating the same “all lives matter” bullshit. If you can’t see that, look within

eta: its not even possible to put one point “above” the other as they’re completely inseparable


Literally no one has ever been shot by police for driving while white. Literally no one has ever been shot by police for “driving while having any color”. We don’t need to be concerned about cops shooting people for “driving while any color”. What does happen is that cops are shooting people for driving while black. That is what we need to be concerned about.

At this point in time it is clear that the police are incapable to stopping this behavior. They need to be disbanded. Defund the police.


This is just to maddening and saddening to see. People’s lives ripped away day after day like it’s a joke. I am sorry to have mentioned it. This should be a memorial, not a brainstorm of half baked ideas.

I appologize.

Financial repercussions that actually affect police retirements/pensions are a good start, but any shared penalty is still not going to be enough. Until these assholes start getting sentenced to life in prison or death row, this isn’t going to stop. Police departments select for half intelligent foot soldiers that can tolerate racism and brutality. People like this aren’t scared of any sort of group penalty. When these mad dogs start getting put down for being rabid, maybe then we’ll see reform.

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