Human corpse in street turns out to be brisket


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No less a crime. What a waste of a tender, mouth-watering cut of meat.


He wasn’t just a brisket, he was a man and he had a name. His name was Robert Paulson


“It looked like a torso” is not spectacularly wrong, is it? Part of one, at least.


What kind of animal would leave that in the street?


Probably those pesky Brisket Liberation Front folks.


Looks like competition to my group, the Liberation Front of Brisket.

You should have seen their crack suicide squad.


What I want to see is Sheriff Fife’s opinion on this travesty…




I’m just so pleased to see that the police didn’t taze/shoot/pepper spray the poor thing.

Can’t we all be a little happy about that?

(a damn shame about wasting a brisket, though…)


Ah. I was a little worried it was the brisket of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Nigel Travis - roadkill before we had a chance to get Schwartz’s smoked meat recipe.


A little pepper spray would have gone a long way toward covering up that lying in the road taste…


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