Black Pathers armed with rifles demonstrate against shooting

I’d still argue their primary purpose is the prevention of violence against their communities, rather than an attempt to perpetuate violence on their own. They were crystal clear on this point originally. In this case, too, open carrying is meant to deter LEOs from acts of violence against protestors. If the state won’t protect the rights of these individuals, they are doing it.

What did Malcolm X say? He’ll be peaceful with the people who are peaceful with him?


Important to remember that unlike the MAGA-hat wearing Covidiots they actually have good reason to believe that they may be subjected to deadly violence by others for protesting in public.


Kind of my whole point. They know that they will be subjected to violence for exercising their constitutional rights, unlike white male protesters who are unarmed.


I understand such reasons and I applaud those who are as open about their intentions such as that.

It is a marked contrast to the (white supremacist) idiots who claim bringing guns to a protest and claim it is somehow peaceful in intention or expectation. When in reality they are trying to keep the police from protecting the public and plan to commit violence.


I see a group of people richeously standing up to what is obviously a corrupt prosecutor’s office at worse and grossly incompetent at best. They decided they wanted to demostrate in peace without being crushed or harrased so they came overtly armed.

Don’t you think it’s a giant bloody shame that their being black makes that far less likely? That even today, it STILL does so?


I do believe that it is a shame we have not collectively or in great enough numbers outgrown our instinct to look at those that are different than us with a built in prejudicial suspicion. Yes.


Breitbart buried this story so far back, there was only 4 comments on it.


I’m not surprised, It is almost impossible to get straight news these days. Even NPR, whom I use to listen to religiously when I drove, is getting a bit hard to listen to at times. I know that humans have intrinsic biases that require amazingly hard work to get rid of and not just hide from others but most mews outlets have gone beyond that to full on partisan hackery.

Anyone fact-checked that? That’s the bloody Daily Müll.

Not sure this counts but:


Basically, in Florida, Texas, or other state with a Stand Your Ground law, Arias could have Legally set up a tripod-mounted M60 (if he legally owned one) and mowed the protesters down through the front door. In California, he gets charged with battery for pushing them out of his home when they try to force their way in.

Seems legit.


Kentucky is a “stand your ground” state.

US laws only protect white people.


Once more, for the willfully deaf people in the back.



False equivalence to what? What are you replying to?

These “no knock raids” are preposterous. Basically, if done right (as opposed to all the BS or wrong house searches) they have enough evidence to convince a judge to allow them to enter someone’s home by force if nessesary. They could knock, announce themselves as police with a warrant, if nobody answers you sound a massive claxon and repeat. Instead, they are rushing in with little or no warning to someone’s home to make it less likely they flush the drugs down the sewer and make their prosecution a bit harder. Putting their lives, the neighbor’s lives, other innocent occupan’s lives, and residents of wrong house raid’s lives at risk.

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If you’re a dealer- there’s no way you’re going to be able to flush your stock and equipment down the drain. Even a small time one.


I think all those cops see Goodfellas and envision the wife running into the bathroom with 3 kg of yeyo and flushing it down the toilet. WTF is that big water bottle full of bills? Was that the swear jar? The dealers with the bottom picture are either fake or the idiot inbred cousins of ocho loco.

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