Black River: the bleakest and most depressing graphic novel I've ever read




@frauenfelder @sam @codinghorror @jlw @beschizza - other than the link being 404’d, how come I can edit the title in the Boing category?

UPDATE: @TobinL has identified that this is the correct URL -

I thought that the blog post had been pulled, leaving only this bbs post, so I felt somewhat comfortable in editing the title.

I’ve switched it back.

Ironically, although I can edit the title, I can’t view the title edits, causing me to go to the blog to get the original title.


Bleak? Depressing?

I had to read Cormac McCarthy's The Road and watch Requiem for a Dream to cheer myself up.

Sign me up! It’s the end of the semester, why the hell not!


The permalink has the wrong date in the url 29 instead of 30… not the first time I have noticed that.
But yeah we probably should not be able to edit the boing titles.


Oooff. None for me, thanks. The Road combined with the oncoming presidential elections and a touch o’ the burn in my city tell me that my time is better spent on the optimistic outlook for the time being.


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