Black travel guide for a racist America

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yeah but it’s so haaard to think about reparations



I wonder why this is no longer published?


Is there an online equivalent? I know there are a lot of queer city and travel guides. I’d imagine there might still be some sort of information out there of this sort.




Yelp and Google maps work, I believe.

My husband and I walked out of a place in Lakewood, CA, after the guy behind the counter said that homeless people deserved to have their possessions kicked from the strip mall’s property into the street. He just began making one of our two items and I said, “Well, I don’t think I want to patronize this place.” He followed us outside and let out a string of expletives before calling me a “fucking bitch” and chest bumping me. I tried to contact the owner, but couldn’t get a response. I left a review on Google maps questioning the use of “laid back” to describe the business.:confused:


And that day has not yet come.


Yes. Unfortunately, similar guides are still necessary because discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is still legal in most of the US. My family uses it for anything where sexual orientation might become obvious (home repair, doctors, realtors, counselors, tax prep, small hotels). Here is one for Michigan

We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Canada recently. I always ask when I make a reservation at a B and B whether it will be a problem to rent to a same-sex couple, to avoid being turned away with nowhere to stay. The Canadians were stunned that I’d felt it necessary to ask.


As a middle aged white woman, I’m unlikely to be discriminated against personally, but I’d still appreciate a guide so that I can avoid doing business with assholes.

Just because they wouldn’t be assholes to me doesn’t mean they are not assholes I’d prefer to avoid. That’s the reason I don’t patronize at Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel and Denny’s. I’d gladly add to that list.

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The SCOTUS says we’re in a post-racial society, so it must be true! /s


Need to have a new Green guide for places where 12-year-olds can safely play outside.


I was skiing in Colorado with friends a few years ago. The couple who ran the lodge we were staying at told us the lodge up the hill would turn away opposite-sex couples, if they weren’t married. They said they were able to rent a few extra rooms every week, from the people they turned away.


Wow. How would they even prove it? Most people don’t travel with their marriage certificates. Although we used to take medical power of attorney on trips before our marriage was legal, in case of emergency. Also, discriminating on the basis of marital status would actually be illegal in my state.

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My husband and I always ask before staying somewhere. I’d rather not give a bed and breakfast any of my money if they are going to freak at us when we show up.


the real threat of physical assault and arrest hung in their faces.

Phew! Lucky those days are gone!!!

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Probably as simple as looking for a wedding ring. And discrimination might be difficult to prove, as they will happily rent a room to each individual, just not a single room to an unmarried couple.

Any time some Republican or some Professional Loon like Glenn Beck dreamily talks about the good old days and just how far our nation has “deteriorated” and how everything would be swell if we could just get back to the good old days-- the first thing I think about is segregation and Jim Crow. For them, it’s not even on the radar.


Do African-Americans maybe develop a sense of “blackdar” whereby they can tell that a particular establishment is unwelcoming? Besides obvious signs like Confederate flags, crosses burning in the parking lot, etc. I’m white and straight-acting and thus welcomed or at least grudgingly tolerated in any business in the country, but I don’t need a guidebook to tell me what alleys not to walk through at night.

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Looks like they made a gay guide as well.


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