In a time of "driving while black," the Negro Motorist Green Book gets a new edition


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I would love an online version of this book. I’d be fine with a paywall and an annual subscription to fund it. I’d subscribe.


In another universe, this is an amusing coffee table or reading room book, poking fun at the crazy absurdities of back then.

But not in this one. Fuck.

Or an app, with an augmented map and alert sounds.

“You are now entering a 4-MAGA 2-Klan enclave zone. Try to look invisible.”


An app would be even better. Great idea!

An app would allow you to take these resources with you, along with contacts for ACLU and local volunteer resources who can respond quickly if you find yourself in trouble.


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I know what my default alert tone would be.

I’m just sayin, cartoon characters might like a heads up too.


I would definitely pay money for such an app, if for no other reason than to be able to patronize businesses which support equality for all whenever I travel, (or at home!)


Not a bad idea. Back in the day, everyone went on alert driving away from Philly at the point when we lost contact with radio stations from the city. After that, all you could find on the radio was static or scary country western tunes. :cold_sweat:


an app could open for recording whenever you entered a dangerous area.


If only there was some term for a kind of box that automatically records everything in case of a disaster.


a “Post Racial Negro Motorist” box?

To be honest, the fact that this sort of information is even needed in this day and age is infuriating (and depressing).


You mean infuriating that you need proof that you did not run that red gas light?

Yeah, gaslight is pretty infuriating, and it’s further evidence of “your emotional instability” and “coming at them”, dontcha know?


Are you suggesting that they aren’t inclusive and accepting out there, when they actually play both kinds of music?


Well, we probably won’t hear Johnny Rebel’s greatest hits. Knoxville Girl, Redneck Crazy, or Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue are enough to motivate us to keep moving. I’m sure there are some nice people who enjoy that music, but I’d rather not meet them in an isolated setting with limited means of escape.


Well, that is certainly depressing.



Yeah, it’d be nice to know what hotels/chains I should… blacklist.



Hmph :unamused:


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ …:wink: