Security researcher reveals grotesque vulnerabilities in "Yelp-for-MAGA" app and its snowflake owner calls in the FBI


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I’m dropping the mic, right here.



“Safe” places?

Jesus - you’d be safe pretty much anywhere- unlike lots of others visiting your haunts. You just might be unwelcome.

Crybaby wuss lords.


we didn’t, we don’t know how, waaaah


I’m just disappointed they didn’t call it Toolshed.


Now they trust the deep state to come and kiss it better for them?

That aside, broflake’s raging sense of victimhood is really messing with his perspective; or he lives in a universe where ‘politically motivated internet attacks’ get handled way more seriously than they do in ours; where vastly more dramatic and damaging things carry a negligible risk of anyone getting pinched(last I checked the OPM breach still doesn’t have firm attribution much less response, ditto the giant RSA leak and both of those affected a giant chunk of direct fed interests; cases smaller than those, which is most of them, hahaha no); occasional Russian who makes a poor choice of vacation destination much more the exception than the rule.

He might as well announce that somebody done goofed and the cyber police have been summoned.


Never underestimate the Alt-Reich’s capacity for cognitive dissonance. Seriously, you really can’t overestimate it. Functionally unlimited.


Wow, low blow. Nazis are notoriously YUGE snowflakes, need constant reassurance of their collective fragile [so called] manhood. We as a Nation need to mollycoddle these repugnant morons, or not.

On second thought, fuck them and the tRump they road in on.


See also:


Not if they were the last people on Earth.


Scott Wallace: “I’m going to tell my Mommy.”


Elliot Alderson?


“Help us, Qanon – you’re our only hope!”

A dating website for Drumpf supporters leaked its customers’ data ON DAY ONE

I suppose infosec is like comedy: something these whingey right-wing losers just can’t get right. They’re also too blinkered to understand that any business rated highly on this “Yelp-for-MAGA” is one that a lot of people will boycott once they find out it’s on the list.


Man, it’s almost as if having credulous idiots as one’s target market means people think they can get away with releasing any old crap as a service and they’ll get away with it. (Probably because it’s true…)

I don’t think they’d get boycotted - a boycott is organized. It’s just that anyplace that’s full of gun-totin’ MAGAts is going to be a real turn-off for a lot of people, so they’d simply avoid it. Not as a political statement, but just because they don’t want to be surrounded by dangerously moronic dipshits on a night out.


They wanted to call it Red Book but that’s a women’s magazine isn’t it?



I prefer this one

Or maybe this one


Not even with someone else’s dick.

Unfuck them all.


what, so if I do the same thing just to screw over a bunch of scumbags and take their money am I going to get all these damn accusations of incompetence for my efforts?!? Well, I guess the money can be used to dry my tears but still, low blow.


I think the text MAGA is missing something. I feel the complete text is:
Immigrants Made America Great
Make America Great Again.
So it should be IMAG, MAGA