Black Versace executive stopped by police outside of Beverly Hills branch

Fucking pig-cop keeps telling Versace guy, “Yeah, sure! Anything you want!”, except when Versace guy “changes the narrative”.


Like many laws, it exists as a pretext for police to harass people whose appearance they dislike.


I want to live and drive where you live and drive!
Where I live and drive, the drivers are maniacs. Not all of them, but enough that I’ve entered the “arms race” of getting bigger vehicles whenever I need a new-to-me one. Otherwise every car errand is a harrowing experience.


Well, that’s exactly what the cops do when they get on their radio. They basically assumed you were an antagonistic version of themselves.

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In certain US states, any intersection is an assumed crosswalk. But yeah, like someone else said, it’s a reason for cops to initiate context, gives them cover.

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There probably has been a single incident involving gangs etc…, but statistically it’s probably so unlikely to repeat that they’d be just as correct training cops to shoot at the sky to deflect incoming meteorites that they may be hit by.


One question: Do Beverly Hills Cops routinely pat down jaywalking suspects even when they admit it? At worst he was just going to get a ticket right? I wonder if they pat down every driver when they are caught speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign?


“Hands together, like you’re praying”

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You’re definitely NOT going to want to watch this.

“Jay” used to be an offensive slur, roughly equivalent to the N word these days. “Jaywalking” was a term invented by the automobile industry to victim-blame pedestrians who had been killed by negligent motor vehicle operators.

ETA: Oops… @GulliverFoyle beat me to it, but I’mma leave this link anyway


The reason it’s illegal is supposed to be to discourage people crossing when and where it’s unsafe. Where is the acceptable line to draw between crossing only at intersections or crosswalks, and people running across a busy street looking at their phones? That happens too, including busy 4 lane roads, where they end up stopping and waiting before they get across due to the legal 50 mph traffic. Some people figure whatever happens unless it’s caught on camera it’s going to be declared the driver’s fault.
In this case he did admit to not paying attention because he was looking at his gps, but it should have only got a warning or quick citation.
Not worried about rural and residential roads where you can cross while easily seeing there are no cars for a quarter mile in either direction, and may not be any in the next half hour. Makes no sense to walk that quarter mile to an intersection, back to the mailbox on the other side of the street, and then repeat to get back home.

I think you’re missing the crux of the issue…that in public spaces, POC are more often under scrutiny than white people, and when confronted by police, are more often not afforded the benefit of the doubt, and therefore become more often subject to unreasonable search and seizure, and as a result, become the most often convicted with more jail time than white people for petty, minor offenses.


I was more replying to those who seemed to be saying jaywalking should just be ignored in all cases. Jaywalking in any case should just be a quick warning or citation, unless there is real reason to think the person has committed some crime. Shouldn’t turn into searching the person, handcuffing, etc, unless they take off running or pull a weapon or similar.

And yet for POC it often does.

Citing “jaywalking” is often just a thinly veiled excuse for legal harassment.


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