Black voter registration is inversely correlated with black death at police hands


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In my town council people control the budget and provide oversight to the local police department. Council people fight for every vote and donation. They listen to citizens and they act. The police know this and moderate their behavior.


It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think there’s a connection at some level between voting and a police culture that permits discriminatory use of force. After all, the police are supposed to be accountable to elected officials, and if the elected officials know they won’t get punished by voters for bad policy, then bad policy continues. Add in the effect of voter suppression laws aimed at minorities, and what do you get?


This explains why there are so few police shootings in the voting booth.


Because they shoot black people before they can get to one?


Well, it was awfully suspicious for the perp to try to vote like that.


If there’s any causation it could well go the other way. Maybe intimidated people are less likely to vote.


Effect size with confidence intervals would be way more meaningful here (just like pretty much everywhere else). A P-value conflates the effect size and the sample size. When you have samples the size of the population of the US finding a statistically significant result doesn’t tell you much if you don’t tease out the size of the effect.


Black voter registration is inversely correlated with black death at police hands.

-1 correlation at 100% confidence level for those that are killed.


Huh, I figured this was a given. Oppress the people you don’t like and once disenfranchised, your voters will look more like the people you don’t oppress. Scumbags see it as a win win


Plausible but I’m not sure we’re actually seeing causation here.

Police shootings tend to occur in communities with low socioeconomic status, and low socioeconomic status tends to suppress voter registration.


Let’s stop the killing of blacks by police!

If I understood article correctly, that should yield massive increases in black voter registration

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