#BlackLivesMatter: 10 iconic photos from a week of protests throughout the U.S

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A predominant theme in the images “excessive force” & “excessive everthing” by the police. It’s shameful that this is what our police have turned into, “protect & serve” can’t be legitimately defended any longer by law enforcement.


I especially like that shirt:

“I can’t stay calm
I have a black son”


“If this flag offends you…”

…you have some knowledge of American history.


So there was more than one protest in my town over the weekend.

One was during the day. The event was organized, police were notified, everything was peaceful.

There was another during the night, on Sunday night. Details are sketchy but apparently police were made aware. They marched around in a circle, and as they approached a main street, they blocked traffic for a time. A driver, apparently a (now former) university employee, decided to hop out of his car and start yelling about how, “all lives matter, not black, all,” got back in his car, revved the engine, and sped toward the crowd, striking a protester with his car. He drove a block away, got out of his car, and proceeded to get beat up. (Not sure what he thought was going to happen there.)

Guess which protest got national attention?

Guess who the “conservative” media outlets are siding with?

The amazing thing? The crowd only had about 100 people in it. The protest is in a sleepy college town with about 26,000 people in it. And it was at 11 p.m., on a Sunday night, during summre break. Speaking from personal experience from driving through town at at time of night when my kids were babies, there’s frickin’ nobody there, and knowing a thing or two about the story, I know that if the guy was headed to work, he could have just turned down a side street.

But no. Oh, my, no, the narrative is that the protesters were 100% in the wrong, and that more needs to be done.

To contrast this with my college years, in 1994 there was a riot in this town involving 2000 people and millions of dollars of damage. In 1996, there was a riot involving 500 people. And when I say riot, I mean a good, proper riot. Both times, the reason for the riot was because it was Halloween, man. There wasn’t a big stink about giving the idiot kids what they had coming to them, that I know of.


Came here to see “iconic pictures”.

Was not disappointed.

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This one is also stunning.

I think he has since been released. Holy crap, Baton Rouge was fucked up.


From what I’ve seen of the police oath of office, it’s not clear to me that anyone is entitled to understand it applies to anyone other than their own little community of police.


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