Blade from a wind turbine, trucking down the highway




We've seen the massive turbine trailers navigating small roads up in western maine and it's pretty impressive how they coordinate movement on small state highways and intersections. Multiple state police and escort vehicles all working tightly together.


I've seen one on a highway before. Yes, impressive. Surprisingly though, they're not expensive. You can get them for about $5 on Amazon and it comes with Prime delivery.


I can't imagine the amount of sway that thing would have if you had a lot of crosswind. My little econobox is bad enough.


they'll actually be delivering them by drone soon. this may be why prime just went up $20, however


One of my neighbours has a contract to do a lot of those deliveries on the west coast & up to canada. Might well have been one of his trucks.


further proof that wind energy is inherently efficient!


I've seen these. It's a good way of getting an idea of the real scale of the turbines.


The first two are $5 each, but the third one is $5 billion.


When you drive by a wind turbine, way off in the distance, you don't get an appreciation for just how massive these things are. There's a farm of 'em, where New Brunswick butts up against Nova Scotia. As I drive by, the access doors at the base of the turbines look like little mouse doors - and I have to remind myself "those are for people"...


See this all the time on I-5 and I-84 out here in the Upper Left Corner


I remember seeing a lot of the generator housings driving down I-10 in front of my office building in the late nineties. Each of them said ENRON on the side. What do they say on the side now?


The blades that rolled through my town in VT were big enough they had to make cut-through roads on peoples' property because the trucks wouldn't be able to handle the tight corners.

It was amazing the amount of curious townsfolk up at 4:30am to watch it go through, but the crowd probably helped them pay more quickly for the damaged guardrails they still managed to take out.


Looks like a Barnhart Crane and Rigging semi and trailer.


Vestas North American HQ is in Portland and there are vast wind farms in eastern Oregon/Washington. If you travel up the gorge on I-84 You are pretty much guaranteed to see a couple of those trucks.


Burn Baby Burn


I live in Iowa - we see these things so often on I-35 & I-80 it's almost not worth pointing it out unless we have bored relatives in the car. TPI Composites manufactures these things in Newton, Iowa (along I-80, 30 mins east of Des Moines).

Come to Iowa, be astounded by the ginormous intimidating turbines and the blades trucking down the Interstates! smile


The amount of land used by renewables is minuscule when you consider that the US has strip mined an area the size of Delaware and contaminated vast additional acreage with toxic mine drainage, coal ash, mercury, and fracking fluid..


I wonder how much damage the Bride could do with this blade...


The Amazon Prime customer orders three nearly identical items, decides they really wanted something else entirely, demands free return shipping on all their orders claiming they were "defective."