Blankets: New edition of Craig Thompson's graphic masterpiece

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Craig Thompson’s second graphic novel, the 582-page mammoth Blankets, swept the field’s awards, taking three Harveys, two Eisners, and two Ignatzes. More than a decade later, and buoyed by his later successes (such as 2011’s seminal Habibi), Drawn and Quarterly has produced a beautiful new edition.


I don’t like to start with negative criticism, but ‘… of babysitter who raped he and his brother…’ needs a little work.

Always wanted to read this one.

Not much description here for this new edition - made me wonder why it was $24 vs $14 for the older version. The new edition is nearly the same dimensions (7x9) but like 3x heavier - must be on heavier, nicer paper?

“Blankets” is a wonderful book, but as a graphic work I think Thompson surpassed it with “Habibi.”

Habibi was certainly lovely as a graphic novel, but I found it a bit too orientalist for my tastes. I much prefer Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant:


Same here, sexist too. But Blankets was very powerful.

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You should check out Delilah Dirk. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty great and does a better job of recreating the late Ottoman landscape. And who doesn’t love a strong woman lead with a flying boat!


A female Harry Flashman? Sounds intriguing. (Yes, I know all the things wrong with Flashman. That’s sort of the point.)

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Habibi is certainly beautiful, both in its design and its drawing, but the story is not as powerful and emotionally affecting as Blankets. I don’t think Delilah Dirk, which is a cracking good read, is remotely comparable in either storytelling or draughtsmanship. It is more colourful though.

I just saw his new book in the shop at the weekend and my seven yr old needs it I think. She loves the Sardine books.

I found it less orientialist, hence, my preference. YMMV! :wink:

The website has a preview, so check it out!

I’m not disagreeing with you on that, I just don’t think they are really comparable! Habibi being a grim story of ecological catastrophe, slavery, castration, sex slavery, DD more a seashbuckling adventure yarn.

But blankets is much better, I never went back to Habibi, even though it is very beautifully drawn and designed.


“Blankets” is probably the best autobiographical coming of age graphic novel so far…

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I agree. Habibi’s design is so lavish and skillful, I wish I could like it more but the story itself has too many flaws. I revisit it at times, yet it never leaves me with the good feeling that a well crafted narrative/universe leaves me with.

Blankets has very effective (even though they’re less… acrobatic) visuals and the story is much more elegant and satisfactory. Habibi seems like such a huge effort but it doesn’t come close.


I’d say it needs to be omitted altogether. Spoiler alert?

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