Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant: swashbuckling graphic novel


1805, not 1905, according to the comics’ page.

The whole book is not online, just the first 3 chapters (of 5).

Wow, that’s some Rob Liefeld level of anatomy right there.

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I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. Liefeld always came across to me as wanting to draw “realistically“ (though highly idealized), while this comes across as styled.

Well, I’d love to read it, but I almost never purchase physical books anymore. I love the tactile experience, but simply don’t have space to store more books. If they ever release a cbr/cbz version (pdf kind of works, but not as well), I’ll get it in a heartbeat.

The hell it is not either. Bite your tongue. It’s Kirby perspective, and it’s a totally legit style choice.

See how this guy’s right fist is huge 'cause it’s close to the camera, and his right foot is tiny 'cause it’s far away? Kirby perspective.

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They are both terrible. Look at Captain Glory’s right arm. Can you honestly say that’s proper anatomy?

I think you’re still seeing anatomy instead of perspective. Delilah’s legs are disproportionately large on the cover because a deliberate fisheye-like distortion making near objects appear even nearer (and far objects even farther) is a time-honored stylistic trick. I’m not saying you have to like it, plenty of people find Kirby’s style grotesque and off-putting, but it is nothing like Liefeld drawing wildly misproportioned limbs in flat perspective because he’s a terrible artist and doesn’t know any better.

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That is just awful. How can someone not be embarrassed submitting something like that?

I am glad of this. 1905 Turkey was rather genocide-tastic.
1805 Turkey was merely abusive to ethnic minorities in a way that was common to the era.

What really makes it hilarious is looking at the original page and realizing: Liefeld didn’t even draw Enchantress that way on purpose. He started drawing at the top of a full-page-height panel, realized somewhere around the hips that he was only a third of the way down, went “welp, gotta fill that space with something” and just drew legs until he hit the bottom of the panel.

Just…just think about that.

The book is just wonderful. Great writing, lovely illustrations. I read it online ages ago and pre-ordered the book as soon as I found out about it. This is a fantastic swashbuckling adventure which will leave you hungry for more.

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