Blog collects clips of anime floppy disks

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Actually, some of them are optical disks

/deletes account


What an unusual fetish.


These gifs are giving me a hard disk.


Has there ever been another case of a useful feature, like floppy disks, which just disappeared without an equivalent or “improved” replacement? “Memory Sticks!”, i hear you shout. But the relative abundance and price point between the two change the dynamic. With a floppy disk i make a copy and give to an associate, or stuff it in an envelope and post it; but, but, this 8Gb memory stick cost me $17 and i’m not just going to plop that on someone without compensation and it won’t fit in an envelope and there’s no place to label it and stick it in a shoe-box for its useful discovery a decade later. “Oh you’re just being a stingy get-off-my-lawn ol fart!” – well yes, guilty as charged.

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Depends where you work. Product reps come into many kinds of offices and give them away like candy. I hear doctors offices are drowning in the things. I picked up a cute one from my Mini dealer - just delete the sales pitch and free storage!

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A large USB stick can be expensive, yes, but ones large enough for a few documents are easily cheap enough to be given away.

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I seem to recall a brief period where one of the principal barriers to rampant piracy was simply the costs of supplying all the necessary floppies.

With a floppy disk i make a copy and give to an associate

I believe it was 2004 when last I witnessed someone being completely unable to give a Powerpoint presentation because the presenter’s floppy disk had gone bad. Putting those days behind us is well worth a hefty price.

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well i mean back in 85 a single floppy disk cost you about 4.95 which after calculating the inflation is about $11.35 wing wangs. So basically similar costs.
It wasn’t until the late 90s that the cost of floppies plummeted as the medium became more and more obsolete.

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Damnit, None of these list the source.

I figured I would get to watch these anime. Guess I will never know if the sound effects were done right.

well i don’t know which one you’re talking about specifically, but it’s probably Macross, Gundam or Sailor Moon.

My memory is starting to get a trifle fuzzy on the timing; but I think that CD burners and blanks of not-more-coasters-than-successes quality had become pretty cheap by the time that floppies were on their way out; and well before flash-based storage started to become disposably cheap in small sizes.

Those couldn’t be rewritten; and early CD burner reliability wasn’t a lot of fun; but 650MB(or the ability to produce an audio CD compatible with most players) beat the hell out of 1.44MB.

Also, while they aren’t a direct replacement, email attachments were starting to be come the de-facto small file interchange mechanism; downright practical, if inelegant, in places with fancy LANs; endurable(for the sort of files that would have fit on a floppy) even on dial-up. That probably helped.


Just please, please, don’t trust these as anything more than handy scratch storage. It is an immutable law that any file stored in only one place is a file you do not truly love; but sales-swag USB sticks seem to be particularly poor(not a huge surprise; price competition is fierce; and they are intended mostly for a limited number of reads; unlike general purpose flash drives).

I had the pleasure of consoling someone who made the mistake of treating one as an actual backup a little while ago. I don’t really enjoy the pastoral elements of IT; but he far less happy than I.


I think this one:


is from Black Lagoon. I wish they’d make a third season of that (or a fourth, if you count the OVA as a season).


Hiya. I made the blog, and that’s definitely a failing of it. Most of them are reblogs, but so if you click through to the original post it may have the source in the description or tags.

I’ll be updating all the existing posts with sources as soon as I can.


Also: possible malware vector.

As to backups of stuff that matters: two is one, and one is none.
And don’t even get me started on people who will not understand that moving files from one medium/location to another is not a backup.

  1. “Do you have a backup?” means “I can’t fix this.”
    The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries
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Thanks! I should admit that I have been soiled by /r/anime_irl.

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