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OCR is coming to iOS in v.15. Obviously this wouldn’t include the editing functionality, but it’s free.


I’ve been using Rocketbook for my scribbles, sketches, and random non-proprietary work notes. It’s free, and can OCR my stuff en route to any number of end target locations.

You don’t even need to buy their special notepads as long as you lay a code bar on any page.

Indeed, this has already happened. You can take a photo of text right now and then edit it in Notes or whatever (or potentially set up a shortcut to post it to some kind of microblogging site).

That’s not quite the same proposition as this though, because you would need to have the wherewithal to use a regular CMS anyway, making the case for handwriting posts tenuous.

But having said that, it looks like this site is just a squarespace-alike where you use OCR to input text, but then edit the layout in their wysiwyg app. Which is an odd choice, because I would bet money that what puts people off existing tools is not the text entry method.

You could imagine an app that uses the layout of the written page to style the website in a purely visual way. That might be pretty cool, but this isn’t it. And it’s derangēdly expensive.


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