Blogging History: Heinlein's bed; Normalcy is the future; Survival of the fittest mailbox


Pity the Sterling article has vanished. Also, the mailbox article contains no link at all.

Click the leading colon which gives:

What diabolical camouflage!

Its a test.

To detect artificial lifeforms.

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Yay! I passed!

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We’ve lost several mailboxes over the years to vandals and carelessly-driven vehicles. I’ve seen mailbox posts mounted on a large steel spring that enables them to roll with the punches when struck.

Combined with the protective cage arrangement that Mark noted it might be a design suited to survival.

Neat idea. Also a good way of getting the mail to the house. Open mailbox, pull back, twwooooiiinggg…

More seriously, I’ve seen old Alu scuba tanks converted into mailboxes. Given the pressures that they’re designed to hold and the shape of them, anyone playing baseball is likely to either glance off or get a very nasty impact shock.

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