Blogging History: Student debt destroying a generation; Adding weight to gadgets for gravitas; Mexican cops get chipped


As an adult over 30, I am just now going into debt to get a degree, but after getting laid off from a pretty okay job in 2010, I haven’t been able to recover, and it’s nearly impossible to get any job now without at least a BS/BA. And often even those jobs pay shit (“BA/BS required, pay is $13/hr”).


Adding weight to devices to make them feel better is stupid. Thinner and Lighter is the new mantra. Just redesign the case to make it super ultra-small and people will gobble it up.

This is not a new phenomenon. Atari made the same blunder with the Lynx, adding huge wings to the side of the device to make it bigger and more important looking, but making it impossible to fit in a pocket because they didn’t want it to be confused with those little Tiger electronic toys. A super-small and portable Lynx might have actually found a market niche (although the 800lb Gorilla of the Game Boy would have probably crushed it anyway).

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