Blokus takes 2 seconds to learn, but many games to master

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Well we haven’t played this one in ages - possibly because we own far too many games. I should pull it out again.

Love this game, reminds me of tetris when I pull it out. I love how tactile everything is.

Also recommend: Blokus Trigon, which is harder for my brain to visualise.

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It’s one of my favorite abstract strategy games.

But you should be forewarned, this is one of those ‘friendship ending’ games because of the sheer, unadulterated, near perfect level of dickery the play mechanic invites and rewards. (that’s an endorsement, by the way)


Absolutely. You almost always come up against a situation when you have to choose which of your friends to screw over. And that’s if you weren’t even trying to win. To try to win, you have to have been screwing them over from the very start.

Did you really just say “TETRUS”? Where are the BB editors?

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I had a game that sounds a bit like this years ago…

No idea what it was called, but you had a series of different shaped magnetic strips (red and yellow?), and IIRC, you were trying to connect them up top to bottom before the other person connected theirs up left to right. Or something like that.

Now that’s going to bug me for ages.

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