Snetris is "snake + tetris"


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I’m not sure who this message will reach, but we are desperate in our hour of need. Odd-shaped blocks have been raining from the sky for as long as anyone can remember. Always raining. Without cease. Sure, we developed explosives to cope with the mounting piles of rubble, but now the blocks have… morphed. Somehow. They slither through the skies above, as if taunting us before solidifying and crashing to the earth below, as merciless and indescriminate as ever. We cannot escape. Send hel…


For those days when you say to yourself, “Hey, I’m having a great day except that my brain doesn’t hurt!”


How does the player get the “T” piece?


Hardcore gamers eschew the “T” piece…


This should obviously be called “Snektris”


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