A brief history of the bizarre, unholy offspring of Tetris

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I played Face-tris III too much. I went to a Metallica concert and I could see afterimages of the Tetris faces in the Jumbotron displays.


While the video may be delightful to some, I don’t believe it’s universally delightful. Full of lots of yelling, swearing, misplaced aggression (even if intended for comedic effect), and assertions that the narrator’s opinions are objective truths. This style of video is why I can’t get into video games or “gamer culture”.

Perhaps if it was described differently, I wouldn’t have gotten my expectations up?


Thanks for the heads up.

During the era of video arcades, puzzle games were more engrossing to me than first person shooters. I threw waaaay too many quarters at blockout, which was actual 3-d blocks.


Then there was 4D Tetris written by Max Tegmark, the cosmologist, in his youth. Slightly tricky to play.

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I was alive and had been gaming for years when Tetris came out.

I recognized Welltris immediately, and yet had never played – or recall hearing of – Hattris until now. But then I didn’t have a Gameboy until some time after the GBA launched. I may look for it at some point.

I tired Facetris and didn’t really care for it.

Wetrix was an interesting variation. I wouldn’t call it “very fuck”.

And I freaking loved Tetrisphere on the N64. My kids and I would play it for hours.

It’s amazing how many variations of the core Tetris idea there have been.

So… you’re letting a certain style of video keep you from getting into video games? That’s an interesting choice. I agree, the cussing and hysterics done for effect are absurd and detracting from the message (“There have been a ton of Tetris games”). I’m guessing it’s his shtick. But it doesn’t make me like video games any less; I’ll just avoid his videos in the future.

As far as “gamer culture” goes, I despise MMOs or any kind of forced multiplayer game because of the personalities of a lot of the people I tend to run across online. Luckily, those aren’t the only kinds of games available to play.


Block Out was a much superior variant of 3D Tetris than the official Welltris.

As for Vinesauce, his Corruption videos are occasionally amusing.


If it doesn’t grab you that’s fine, but I don’t think you’re describing dunkey adequately.

There are lots of people that yell about video games on YouTube. That’s not what makes dunkey funny. There’s some mockery and kvetching, but if you’re paying attention, half of what he says actually doesn’t make any kind of literal sense, it’s surreal stream-of-consciousness absurdity meant to be funny and really not informative. The absurdity of the games themselves just becomes more grist for the mill… half of the humour here is that I can’t even tell, watching the video, if Hatris is a real thing or something he made up.

He does make some interesting and informative points, but the formula is really show-don’t-tell, so you have to have some context to actually catch the meaning. It’s not going to work for everyone!


Maybe I’m not affected by silly YouTube videos the same way you are, but I find it hard to believe that a guy mocking some of the weirdest spin-offs of the Tetris franchise by occasionally humorously feigning anger would prevent you from playing any sort of video games.

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Am I the only one that want to hear more about this story mode?

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So you won’t play video games because this video has yelling and swearing? Even if it’s for comedic effect…?

I can’t even finish a sentence.

…finish a sentence?

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I had a lot of fun playing 3Tris on a Mac Performa 450 during those long nights in the lab making ³²P-labelled DNA probes.


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I’m 60 to 80% sure that hattris and facetris were fake, but I’m not a 100% sure and that is why I loved this video. It’s so filled with weirdness and I’m at least sure that some of it was real.

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Reminds me of Red Letter Media.

I remember weslyan tetris… it swore at you, lied about the upcoming pieces, would change the speed of falling pieces randomly…

This style of video represents only an (increasingly diminishing and irrelevant) part of “gamer culture”. It is however, used effectively as a strawman to justify all sorts of opinions (and actions against) all gamers.

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