Documentary about Polybius, the urban-legend arcade game

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I will have to watch later. Ahoy has some great video game history videos, and a series of various fire arms in games.

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A true lad that guy is.

I love and respect obsessive stuff like this. But more than an hour?!


Bolded for emphasis.


This wonderfully well-done. A fabulous presentation of non-information. :slight_smile:


Good point.

Carry on, obsessive documenter of non-actual events!

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I know of only one game designed to drive you insane: Bastet, short for Bastard Tetris, a variant of Tetris that calculates which piece you need the most, and systematically gives you another piece.


I heard of that as Hateris. Same thing or variant?

I didn’t know of Hatetris. It’s a different concept, by what I read.

Interesting stuff but it would be another one in the bottomless to do/watch someday list

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I wish I could somehow capture the feeling I had when I put a video like this on my “watch later” list, and store it with the bookmark to help me prioritize when I have some (limited) free watching-time. Somehow when I return to my list, they all look the same, and I just end up picking the shortest one…

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