Documentary on the first Tetris championship


The only thing that could make this video more awesome would be to make it available only on VHS.


Tetris championship. I think that’s more or less what 60,000 people Packing For Burning Man is.

I own this documentary and highly recommend it, and it’s soundtrack which is killer. Though, I am a big video game fan and enjoy watching people play them and talk about them which isn’t for everyone.

I happened to see this in theaters. It’s a “nice” movie: in contrast to, say, King of Kong, the people come across as quite wholesome and good-natured, who just so happen to be very good at a particular game.

I did find it a bit silly that it kicks off early on with a map of “the best Tetris players in the world” which consists solely of a map of the US. The focus on NES Tetris kind of threw me at first as well, considering there are so many other Tetris dialects out there which might arguably be superior for tournament play, but the reasons for the choice become clear enough.

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