Why humans are suddenly getting better at Tetris


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This use of the word “productive” is somewhat different than my own understanding.


What’s that? Sorry, can’t talk, almost at level 40…


When society crumbles, you will be sought out to pack the wagons. Hopefully my art history degree will be useful.


Vanilla Tetris is obviously great but there’s a lot of challenge to be had in other versions too. I’ve seen some versions where all the pieces are invisible, i’d only be able to last a second in a mode like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also heard really great things with Tetris Effect which just came out.


So not transhumanism? ok…


One of the variants in Tetris: The Grand Master, I expect.

I thought it strange when I saw “Ecstasy of Order” and they didn’t really address why NES Tetris should be emphasized over TGM and its successors, which appear to be explicitly designed to be the ultimate challenge. I suppose NES Tetris poses specific challenges within its own limitations. And it’s also a lot easier to obtain and haul around than a hulking arcade cabinet - except TGM did have a port on the XBox 360.


Tetris arrived in the USA in 1989? Hmm, me thinks this lad never stepped foot in an actual video game arcade because if he did he would have seen these


i tried the NES Tetris but have stuck with the Tengen Tetris for NES.
Tetris is the only game i ever purchased for my old iPod. I like Tetris.


My mom is far from a gamer but legitimately her and my aunt would kick us kids out of the house so they could take turns playing Tetris on the NES. A few years ago she bought one of those Game & Watch cheap LED handhelds that played Tetris exclusively, it was really crappy but i almost considered getting her a Gameboy just so she could play it.


I was expecting a much more surprising answer than… because people are learning best practices.


Wagons? Sorry, can’t talk, just crossed the Kansas River.



I remember playing some version of Tetris made by Microsoft for Windows 3.11 and later Windows 95. Didn’t really get into it.

Then a couple of years later I played Tetris DS and got hooked. Turns out they’ve changed the rules a bunch and it is basically a different game. Pieces don’t lock into place immediately, you get a longer next piece queue and you can swap the falling piece for one that you store until later.

Tetris Effect is also very good and uses this new ruleset.


Someone just bumped up the stats on its Humanz simulation.


Did anyone else feel strangely uplifted by humanity’s potential after watching that video? Maybe, just maybe, if we can get better at tetris than anyone ever thought possible, we can use this limitless potential to solve the problems that actually matter to humanity.

Who am I kidding…after tetris we’ll work on Super Mario Brothers, and then on to Mortal Kombat.


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