Snake 3D: classic phone game made into a total headache

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If Snake 3D isn’t bewildering enough for you, try qrth-phyl. Just saying its name is challenge enough.


Blockout rocked! Welltris was fun.

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Welltris and BlockOut were two different implementations of the same concept, as I recall – but BlockOut turned out substantially better. (Pajitnov’s other followups, Hatris and Faces, likewise seem to be much forgotten.)

Wikipedia points out that there’s now a free open source implementation of BlockOut. Wasn’t aware of that. Neat!

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I totally miss xhextris (hexagon-based tetris). :slight_smile:

Holy bird-bowl! That’s wild!

While we’re talking about weird Tetris-alikes, anyone remember Wetrix? Build up walls with tetrominoes and try to contain as big a lake of water as you can…

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