Play the number puzzle that launched a thousand clones, now free

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Funny, I never liked Threes compared to 1024. Maybe it was the power-of-two pattern compared to the more irregular 1/2/3. In any event, the battle was lost long ago, and the clones won.


I don’t know about any “Android Marketplace”, but here’s the link for the Google play store:

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I don’t think I’d mind paying for Threes, since I’m so hooked on 2048 and wouldn’t mind switching it up with an experience I’m not as used to, but I don’t have a mobile device and Threes appears to only exist on mobile devices so I guess I’ll keep playing 2048. Guess I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get a phone though.


Same here. Many of the clones were better than the original.

Eventually my favorite was Hexagonal 2048

There are many other first-to-market failures outdone by competitors because they missed an obvious-in-hindsight refinement. In this case, they missed two: free-to-play, and the far more elegantly simple power-of-two. It’s a shame, but that’s the market.

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Great game, much more elegant than 2048 (which I was addicted to for a while until I got to 4096, then quit cold turkey). Unfortunately Threes hijacked my phone & wouldn’t let me exit. I had to reboot & uninstall.

I like this version of 2048:

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