I can't stop touching this minimalist, mysterious puzzle game


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I managed to hang the game at 151 splits, no black pieces left to split. All shaded or white. I’m wondering if it’s going to let me keep the high score or not…


Looks super fun! Since it’s an iOS exclusive right now though, expect another “2048” clone issue to happen again… :frowning:


I am in love with this too. Simogo can do no wrong in my opinion (even Sailor’s Dream, while a little less than their other outings, was still fun and had surprises).
Few things: try shaking the phone while playing or turning it upside down. Also press and hold the logo on the start screen.

This is this years Threes.


I just wish there was some more game play video out there. I can’t really tell what the game does. But Threes, then 2048, now “Twenty” are my kind of games. And I need a new one. But I’m very particular about what I purchase. :slight_smile:


Are we sure this isn’t already a clone? I actually found out about the 2048 clone from GitHub in a post here on BoingBoing like a year before all the articles here about how it was cloned from Threes.


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