Combo Pool: simple, amazingly addictive browser game

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The gif as it appears in this post when viewed at would make an interesting game.

Oh God. It’s the new 2048.

My first try:


First try: 86600, 13700, 13150, 135x, 199.
But I think my game ended not because I ran out of life, but because I made too special a ball.

Other combo games I’ve seen of this sort shake things up by giving you an assortment of possible balls, not always the lowest-level ball. I think that would improve this (by shortening the game).

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My first try (I swear!):

Yeah, that is some crazy shit right there:

I played on normal. Didn’t realize that if you merge two pink balls it’s game over…

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Wise words. I always avoid keeping too much balls, and so far my life has not extint.


first try on normal :o

Here’s my first, but only because I didn’t quite realize that bashing pinks together would end the game:



First try on hard mode: 95800, 32160, 73x, 203. Accidentally knocked two pinks together.

I think there should be a mode where you get bonus points for shooting before the balls have come to a complete stop.

It’s happened at least once before. From this post: Twinkly, LED-studded bracelet featuring the Hubble’s “celestial fireworks”

No idea if it’s the same thing here.

Incidentally, in endless mode when you collide two pinks, they explode, knocking all the balls on the table around (but you still get to play after that). You’re welcome.

My only complaint is that it’s over too soon!

It’d be cool to have more combos after the pink one, even if it makes the game impossible to “win”. Like, I know I’ll probably never get the max tile in Threes, but that means I’ll never feel like I’ve played it enough yet.

This lead me to Niji-Famicart which is loads of fun too. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t play well with Firefox’s “type to find” feature turned on, and I didn’t find the game interesting enough to want to change my settings.

I want there to be a color cycling rainbow ball that you just know is going to do something special.


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