2048, an addicting web game


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I first heard of this on xkcd. Damn you, Randall Munroe!


I’ve been playing a variant of this for the past week or so and really enjoying it: THREES


Was going to say, I saw this on xkcd, and it just seems like a rip-off of Threes.

Once you’re done with that, you can try:


Threes is the original game. 2048 is the variant/reimplementation/ripoff.

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Threes came first. 2048 is an open source homage. No money is being made off of 2048. The Hacker News community in particular has taken 2048 to heart and created many amusing spinoffs, some of which I’ve linked above. Just because something is a copy of an idea doesn’t make it a bad thing.


news.ycombinator.com keeps listing variants (particle physics sums) and I’m left wondering how the thing works (what keystrokes -do-) and under what farflung circumstances I’d be curious about it, though they sort of make JavaScript look fluid and quick (so there is a thing!)

Going off the transhuman place to mount scratch hours for now…

It’s nice, but I hate how the movement is different from Threes. Instead of moving a line at a time, it moved them all to the opposite side of the board. That’s effing annoying.

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Could you explain Numberwang?

Here’s a video to help.


The Doctor Who version is pretty wonderful.

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I like how it’s different; it makes it less of a clone.

I’ve probably spent north of 30 hours playing the original 2048, but the fact I can play the Doge version quite effectively right off the bat suggests to me that I’m not really using any mathematical parts of my brain in doing so. Interesting. I still haven’t really figured out how am I solving it.

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Nonsense. There are 13 digits. In the original game, these are labeled two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty two, etc, but that’s just a scheme to differentiate them, and order them by value. The only arithmetic operation involved is (n+n)=n+1

Granted, the numeric values assigned do a great job of differentiating the high level tiles, but you must be good at ordering the doge.

But even without numeric values, this game exercises the same skills used in a variety of other maths. Discrete math, for instance.


2048 is a ripoff of a game called 1024, which is a ripoff of a game called Threes.

Threes is a beautifully designed game for your iPhone and iPad, and there’s even an Android version now. It’s well worth a couple of bucks: http://asherv.com/threes/

Checkout out this great android app for the game.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned 9007199254740992 yet

Have you tried just typing up, left, down, right, over and over in sequence? I find it tends to score me roughly 2500-3000 80% of the time.


I mean this in the nicest, nicest way possible, @jlw: fcu.k y.ou. I have now lost 3 hours of my life and it looks like it’s going to turn into 300. Thank you SO much.