Bloom County to return for 2016 election cycle


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God this had better not be a hoax. Bloom County’s Donald Trump strips are gold.


Somewhere I’m sure I still have my Don’t Blame Me–I Voted For Bill ‘n’ Opus t-shirt. TO THE ATTIC!


This makes me happy in a way I can neither justify nor explain.


I guess we’re just going to forget about Outland and Opus, including the latter’s definitive conclusion. Because why not?


If you read the first new strip, Opus wakes up after being asleep for 25 years. So it’s like that season from Dallas, or the alternate “Malcom in the Middle” ending of “Breaking Bad.”

Me, I’m clasping my hands and giggling like Ronald Ann being given a doll with an intact head.


I’ma just say SQUEE! and look forward to tomorrow in a whole new way.

To the Banana Jr!


It’ll be nice if he puts this up somewhere that isn’t Facebook - those URLs are murder. Yeah, I know, FB does that on purpose so you can’t escape its clutches.

Either way though, I’m grateful.


One of the best pieces of news EVER. :heart_eyes:
The sting of Jon Stewart stepping away from The Daily Show has been dulled.


I was thinking the exact same thing!


It looks like some good will come of this election cycle after all.


Yay!! I have missed Bloom County dearly.


And I’m ACKing like Bill the Cat being given drugs!


Surely Bill Watterson must be getting bored with retirement by NOW, right?


Is that how he’s distributing it? I’d rather not go back there but if it winds up being the only place to legitimately get the strip then I suppose I will. I’ll just have to mute everyone else.


Please tell me Gary Larson and Bill Waterson are paying attention.


This is indeed wonderful news, but as others have already said, please tell me he’s releasing it some way other than Facebook. As much as I’d hate to miss out on new Bloom County, there are some places I steadfastly refuse to tread.


Hopefully they get reposted. May not be entirely “legitimate source”, but anything that is Facebook-only deserves to be leaked elsewhere.


A man much wiser than I once remarked, “you can’t reheat a souffle” (the full context of his comment, was that The New WKRP began airing, ca. 1991). Here’s hoping that this is an exception!

(But hey, Doonesbury came back, although after 5 or 6 years, not 25)


Trudeau never “retired,” though. Doonesbury’s hiatus was announced as a sabbatical from the get-go, IIRC.

And it’s sucked ever since, compared to the original run. LEAVE THE CAMERA IN ONE PLACE GARRY USE YOUR WORDS