A new Bloom County collection of Trump-inspired reboot strips


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Breathed is as sharp and funny as ever but that line speaks to just how far we are beyond satire.


I’ve got all the original 80s Bloom County strips, and every time I re-read them, I think, “I can’t believe this ran in mainstream newspapers.” Not only that, but regular folks read it, and got it, and laughed.

I’ve been reading the new strip in chunks on-line. It’ll be great to have them all collected.

Interesting take by Breathed on Trump’s White House ambitions. I admit part of me has been waiting for him to announce it was all a big practical joke.


I’m missing the joke, what are they doing in the last Ghostbusters panel? I can’t see it clearly - it looks like arm wrestling? I guess I need glasses, being old enough to have read the original strip printed in a newspaper.


Gossiping? Chitty-chatting?


I saw Breathed’s presentation at BookExpo America a couple of months back, and covered it for TeleRead. The most interesting thing there was that he explained that he met his goal of doing a short series of strips focusing on Trump, then dropping him like a hot potato, because Breathed could see he was getting to the point of “jumping the shark”—that is, becoming a bigger self-parody than any possible satire of him Breathed could do.

And, as Breathed noted at BEA, he was subsequently proven to be right on the money.


If you can’t wait until September to get the new collection as a $12 paperback you can pre-order the limited, signed hardcover that will ship a few weeks before in August.


Book will ship in August 2016

Only if I fire up the time machine. Oh well guess soft cover will have to do.


Bloom County fans unite!


I wish you could get the book! :frowning:


Being completely unaffected, I believe.


Looks like signed edition pre-orders ended in June.

I’m sure it’ll turn up on eBay.


I logged into bbs on my phone JUST to like this comment


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