Bluetooth headset for computer and phone

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Has anybody used this doing VTS, voice-to-text, with native OS voice commands and Dragon? Does it improve recognition rate and accuracy?

I got a Jabra headset that looks pretty much like that from my last employer. Similar charge time and very good range with my MBP and with my iMac. Certainly costs more than $20 though.

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FYI for anyone who bought this to use with Windows Cortana…

Cortana will not listen to a bluetooth microphone, at least with the latest version of Windows 10. So you can’t say “Hey, Cortana” to wake it up. You have to click the Cortana “listen to me” microphone button.

That’s really, really annoying. But it’s not the headset’s fault. It’s an unexplained design decision by Microsoft.

Jabra is where it’s at.

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Especially at the price I got this headset!

Seriously though, you are right. Their conference devices, though expensive, are amazingly high quality, especially this one:

I would guess it’s because it would be too much of a drain on the battery for it to be continually listening for the key phrase. Microphones on wired web cams work fine for “hey Cortana” even though for the best support it requires an array microphone.

As for me, I still can’t get why anybody would want to talk to their computer. First thing I typically do on my Windows 10 machines is turn all that Cortana shit off (including web search from the start menu).

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