Review: Logitech MK270, the cheapest-ass wireless keyboard and mouse combo

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It uses a tiny USB dongle, not Bluetooth, which means it actually works without hassle.

That means I have to use the dongle with my boxes that have built-in Bluetooth. Oh, and their proprietary protocol is encrypted, right?

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No idea. I wouldn’t use it at CCC.

Update: “secure connection using 128-bit AES keyboard encryption”


These are sold out on Amazon today (probably not my fault) at the cheapo price – if they come back in stock, fucking HOARD THEM.

The new cheapest wireless keyboard on Amazon is a Hello Kitty one.




I use the relatively cheap Microsoft 900? wireless keyboard and mouse It has the problem of my fingers wearing the texture and paint off since I have used it a lot, but I bought it on sale for $25 and it was well worth the price.

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My employer provided me with one of these. I feel so special. It is… OK.

It does make me appreciate my full-size Logitech M510 when I get home, though.

Skip the MK270 - it uses the old Logitech Nano receiver. Instead get a newer combo with the Unifying receiver (like the MK320, which is about $25). The Unifying receivers can pair to multiple devices simultaneously - which is very handy if you take your laptop between multiple places where you want a keyboard/mouse. You just buy a second keyboard/mouse set and just leave one at each location.

It’s also good because you can easily buy new keyboards or mice and pair them with the receiver - on the old Nano receivers I’ve had them unable to pair with devices they weren’t packaged with, and so had to have two USB ports taken up - one of the keyboard, and one for the mouse - because neither one worked with the other’s receiver.


$10 of joy1

1. Joy is hypothetical.

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Not only that but you can buy stuff like the m570 trackball, nearly as good as my beloved MS Optical trackball. I’ve used the trackball and keyboard for years with my HTPC, no need for a mousepad.


I have a couple of K400s, which on sale were under $20. They’ve taken a good bit of abuse: they fall to the floor a couple of times/day, and I when I use them for anything serious I really pound on them (our main keyboards are all IBM mechanicals). People like to grouse about this or that aspect of Logitech gear, but honestly they make pretty solid stuff at a decent price and have done so for a long time.


I purchased one recently. I’ve been a bit hesitant to appreciate it, assuming that my satisfaction with such a cheap product meant I was missing something a TRUE keyboard-and-mouse connoisseur would sniff at. I felt closeted… a fraud… the way I feel when I drink a Budweiser in public and pretend, loudly, that I don’t like it.

This is why I love Boing Boing. I get to be ME. I feel empowered. Secure. I can proclaim, proudly: “I have a cheap-ass wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and I love it!”

They work surprisingly well. Best to have line-of-sight with the dongle, though.


i’m using this keyboard/mouse combo right now. works fine. i wish the mouse would turn itself off after a given amount of time, but i usually remember to turn it off.

It’s much more gratifying to get a great cheap product than pay through the nose, proudly proclaim “you get what you pay for!”, and pray that it’s true.

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What is the range?

The only situation where I’d use a wireless is my home-brew DVR. Right now I’m using a Logitech Novo tiny-keyboard, but it is showing its age.

15’ range would be enough, 20’ better.

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I’ve used the Logitech thumb-trackball for so long that I can scarcely remember having anything else at my home or office desks. One of the most ergonomically superb devices ever.

And I have three of them stockpiled in my closet. Maybe I should get a couple more…

Mine, the Unifying Receiver model, works fine at 12-15’. Never tested further since thats as far as the sofa goes!

If you feel that way, DO IT! Many’s the time I regretted not stocking up on something that became unavailable. I personally have 3 of the MS balls, which has a following because it has 5 buttons. I bought a Timex Expedition watch a couple of years ago, abandoning Casio after decades because it became shit. Now that’s it’s beat up I looked to get a new one and it’s discontinued.

I’m actually typing this on the exact same keyboard, works great and i love it. It’s super responsive and i have not changed the batteries in it or the bundled mouse since i bought them about a year or two ago. I even use it for gaming (Team Fortress 2) and i can’t discern any delay. I am not a fan of overly complicated gaming keyboards that have all kinds of features i will never use. The simplicity of this keyboard was a draw and the quality did not disappoint :slight_smile: high marks from me if anyone is in the market for a kick ass wireless keyboard.

For a DVR, something like the Rii all-in-ones might be easier. I have a couple of them, including one that lives with my Retropie, and one attached to my Steam Link.

You can find it cheaper, but I like Adafruit (and think Timor Fried is a rockstar), which is why I’m linking there.

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