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Any recommendations for a small keyboard to plug into a Raspberry Pi?

I love their K810 bluetooth keyboard for its form factor, build quality, and backlit keys, but sadly that doesn’t do USB (only for charging). I’m looking for something that’ll work without having to setup Bluetooth on Linux.

Ideally, the K810 but with their Unifying Receiver dongle to make it look like a standard USB keyboard to the device (because wireless is still practical)

I have the Logitech G610 Orion Red keyboard and i love it. I’m incredibly picky about keyboards. I tend to highly dislike most gaming keyboards because they’re just bloated with all kinds of visual designs and features. This one is simple, sturdy, and its a joy to type and game on, you can buy it in RGB but i dislike that feature too so i sprung for the one that just has the white lighting and i have it set to only light up the letter keys, everything else is off.

For mouse i have the g502, and previously owned the g500. Both are equally great but the 502 is the newer version. Highly recommended.

I love my mx ergo trackball. After years of using the m570 (and replacing it basically every other year), this one feels tons more solid and fits my hand better.


Seconded on the trackballs, although I’m still on m570. Once I tried it (and took the time to get used to it), I never went back.

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Last month I bought the Logitech Z506 speakers to get surround sound at my desk. I’m very happy with them. The more expensive Z906 was overkill for my needs, and I need my volume control to be a simple rotating knob, not a remote control button that I have to hold down over time.

I’m using two Logitech G403 wireless mice, one at home and one at work. It’s a gaming mouse, which mostly seems to refer to the button that dynamically switches resolution. I ignore that and find the mouse is much better for my software engineering workflow than the cheap wired one my employer supplied.

Trackballs! I’ve had my m570 for almost 5 years, I think, and haven’t had to replace it yet. What do you do to the poor thing?

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the k750 solar keyboard is really nice for not having to ever charge your wireless keyboard again.

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mouse-trak FTW


I have the Z533, which aren’t available on Amazon (i bought mine through eBay) and i love them. Mainly got them for the elegant and simple look, i had considered the ones you mentioned but i just didn’t like the look of it. I guess Logitech has made a newer model based off mine, it wasn’t there when i checked 2 years ago. It’s the Z537 and looks exactly the same to the kind i have, i guess the difference is that this newer model supports bluetooth.

heh – the first thing to go is usually the middle button, which I apparently use a lot, but in general all the switches can be iffy (people more motivated than me will actually solder in replacements…).

And, YMMV. I feel like my first one lasted a really long time, then the next two or three died early enough to be replaced under warranty.

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I don’t use my middle mouse click as i tend to find that interaction awkward, but my mouse does also support unique clicks by tilting/pressing the scroll wheel left or right. That i use all the time and it works great on my g502, just something to consider if you ever want to try a mouse that supports that kind of functionality.

By default on linux, middle-click can be used to paste (specifically, whatever you last selected), which is insanely useful once you get used to it.

My newer trackball (logitech mx ergo) does those sideways clicks on the scroll wheel, but I think I’ve only tried it a couple of times ever…

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I use it a lot for page refresh when tilting one way, and cycling tab pages on my browser when tilting the other way :slight_smile: A bit unnecessary perhaps but i do get lazy about it at times and being able to do those things with my index finger is low effort and comfortable.

I’m with this stuff…


This stuff for me.
Oh, and this…


I actually love my k750 just for the key feel. I really don’t mind corded keyboards, but I could not find one I liked as well as the mighty solar keyboard. plus it is nice and flat. The only thing I don’t like is there is no caps lock light.

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i hadn’t noticed that, but that is a good point.

i always remap caplocks so that it is no longer caplocks except on doubletap. 99.99% of the time caplock is triggered i don’t want it. for the 0.00% of the time i do want it, i just double tap it on and off.

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