Small wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad for $10

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Note: while it is wireless, it isn’t a Bluetooth keyboard, it transmits its own thing to an (I assume) included USB-A receiver. So on the plus side you don’t need Bluetooth, on the downside you do need a free USB-A socket.

Yeah, that’s ok. We will probably end up using the old Raspi 1, which doesn’t have wireless anyway.

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It’s cool to hear that DOSbox can emulate x86 well enough to run your game on (any?) RPi. I suppose the size advantage of going with a Zero W would be lost in needing to cram extra cables etc. into your case (unless you could scare up a proper bluetooth mini keyboard).

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I tried it on my old RPi 1 and it worked just fine!

But does it copy all your keystrokes to China?

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Proving grounds of the mad overlord? First game I ever played. God’s we’re getting old.

Why on God’s Green Earth does this cost 80$ on (And they say America is protectionist)

Probably an American vendor who thinks they can charge a ridiculous amount of money for the service of shipping you something across the border.

Amazon is a horrible place to shop for almost anything in Canada. Avoid it if at all possible.

I think I paid under $20 (on sale) or the full-size Logitech wireless keyboard I use with the Pi. I don’t see the benefit of a small keyboard unless you plan to travel with it. (Occasionally I consider retrofitting one of our Model M keyboards with wireless interface.)

Interesting keyboard, but the promo code does not work on the BlueTooth version, only the wireless one.

What is the display you are using? How is it under sunlight? Im looking for a display like that for outdoor use…

That’s a pretty tiny keyboard! If you don’t mind a bit bigger, I’ve been using this for all my Pi type installs:

Works great.

I picked up one of these for $20 at Factory Direct. (I’m keeping an eye out for the model with the controllable colour backlight.)

I remember playing Wizardry I on an Apple ][ back in the previous century. It should play fine on any of the Raspberry Pis because the Apple ][ had a 1.023 MHZ 6502. A fun game. Ate up too much time when I should have been doing coding.

That’s the one I use (see upthread).

They recently made a big improvement: the right shift key is now full size, as opposed to being half sized to make room for an up arrow. The half sized shift key would literally traumatize me in terms of typing, since it’s useless, so I’d find myself using the left shift key for days after using it even on regular keyboards. The new version has a small up arrow, which is an issue too, but less so than the half sized shift key in my opinion.

I still have my original disks and Apple IIc.
Sadly I lost the Mordor charge card that came in the box.

Looks similar to one I’ve been trying to hunt down. Most of them these days use that clear plastic printed circuit crud but my project requires a PCB keyboard that I can solder on. If anyone runs across one, I’d really like to know about it.
Sadly, the keyboard model I’ve been looking for doesn’t seem to be made anymore.
This is the PCB

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