This is an excellent inexpensive wireless keyboard

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Karabiner is so useful. I remapped my caps lock to be cmd-opt-shift ages ago (well, a couple years back) and now my huge assortment of custom Illustrator key shortcuts is so much more accessible.

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Where can one find out what, if anything, is used to secure the wireless transmission of everything one types on this keyboard? It appears to use some proprietary RF-to-USB dongle.

No such thing as an excellent wireless keyboard or mouse for that matter. There are only so many reboots I’m willing to do get these things to reconnect.

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Sure there are. We have had a Logitech K400r for many years and it has worked great with several PCs, mostly Windows but also a Raspberry Pi. It’s a wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad.

I even dismantled the whole thing and washed it a couple weeks ago, put it back together and it’s good as new!

Around $20 at Target or Best Buy, not found on Amazon for some reason. $40 list price.

We’ve had good luck with the MK-270 combos at work too.

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We have a couple of these, they have never not worked except when the batteries died, and their battery life is remarkable.

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USB dongles are much better for desktop computers than flaky bluetooth. And they have the advantage of working during bootup if you need to access the firmware settings.

Wired are 99.99% reliable for slightly less convenience and they don’t need batteries.

Wired is fine where appropriate, but sometimes it isn’t. We use our wireless keyboards when controlling computers 15 feet away, and a cord would be an unsightly tripping hazard. The two Logitechs have been 100% reliable, and since use is light we get a couple of years on a set of batteries.

+1 on the Logitech K400r. I use them for Pis and on an arcade cabinet, very useful for situations where a wired keyboard and mouse isn’t practical. And I’ve never, not even once, had a connectivity issue. My only beef is that the touchpad is insanely sensitive to moisture, and no matter how much I dry my hands after getting them wet it’ll throw a hissy fit and fuse to work for at least 10 minutes. My other beef is that it has a half-sized shift key on the right side. I gather the new version doesn’t.

I just ordered this wireless keyboard, even though it doesn’t have a touchpad I look forward to try it. Massive bonus points from me for having the function keys be default function keys, with media keys requiring pressing the FN key.

I have a K400r for a DIY Steam machine, and a keyboard that looks a lot like the one linked to here paired to a Fire TV stick, except the one I have is Bluetooth and Anker-branded, though it’s also sold under several different brands. I like this little keyboard, but I wouldn’t want to use it on a PC without a pointing device (it’s not a couch-friendly input device for a PC in other words.)


They have newer rechargeable ones. The one I got, the only difference between it and a no-name brand like Omoton was that you hit a keycombo to pair instead of having a dedicated button. The only reason I know this is because I had another one that got broken that had an icon of the iPad Home button instead of an Escape key.

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