Review: Filco Minila Air wireless mechanical keyboard

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After years of using ever thinner laptop keyboards, I find I no longer care for the long-travel mechanical keyboards I used to vastly prefer. There is a limit to this; I don’t like typing on a tablet’s virtual keyboard for example, and the last gen ultra-low Macbook keyboards drove me nuts (the new ones aren’t great, but they’re at least usable). But a lot of it for me is what I’m use to and switching back and forth between typing styles just slows me down and increases typos.

In my home office I take advantage of the sunlight my desk gets so I don’t need to recharge swappable batteries. This thing has served me well for about four years and is still going strong…

I’m super happy with my Goldtouch SK2770 (AKA Go!2) ergo keyboard. I do however use it on my lap with monitor on an arm. It’s a bit pricey but works really well.

Can anyone give their opinion of Logitech wireless keyboards

Rob is a fan of the inexpensive Logitech MK270. I recently picked up one for like $15 at MicroCenter (sort of like an East Coast Fry’s). It’s maybe not the greatest keyboard, but not really any worse that the wired Logitech K120 that I use at work.

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been using a Logitech K830 Illuminated Living Room Keyboard for my media center.

very happy with it in that capacity (light-up keys, rechargeable, two finger scroll works on mac, never had any trouble with the radio connection), but i wouldn’t recommend it for extensive typing (too plasticky, keys a bit rubbery).

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My cold dead fingers will be clutching my full size, full travel wired mechanical keyboard in the grave. I have zero interest in any non-laptop keyboard that squashes the arrow keys in amidst the regular keys or that omits the numeric keypad. And a keyboard that has a battery I would need to mind? No thank you. Also, being thick and heavy is a feature of mechanical keyboards, not a bug.


Voted most passionate post by me. And about a keyboard no less…

I have one that has been posted here in the past on BB, the Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 with Keyboard and Mouse (i bought it way before it had been posted on here if that matters). It works great and i have no complaints, i even use it for gaming and i did not notice any lag or other problems. I did end up buying a wired keyboard because i’m fickle like that but i still use the wireless one from bed when i’m laying down.

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Ditto. Additionally: Why have arrow keys if you don’t have the full sized and appropriately placed Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys? They’re what makes the arrows useful.

Compact keyboards are doorstops for me.

Edit: Huh. Guess I never actually use arrows with document navigation keys, BUT I do use them more than the arrow keys.

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