Blumoo turns your mobile device into a universal remote and it's 47% off

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Because my favorite mobile device is a space shuttle.

Seriously, this looks like a much more attractive cost/benefit ratio than the current Logitech universals. If you’ve already got a cell phone, that is.

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I’ve got an old laptop plugged into the TV and Unified Remote on my phone. Works a treat.

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I ordered one of these - let’s see if StackSocial actually delivers. They have a bit of a mixed rep among the consumer class.

Let us know. We work with them pretty closely to help our folks who arent getting fast service. They are responsive. Message me direct if you have any issues!


Thanks, I will. I didn’t order it from the Boing Boing store (I would have, if I’d known), but from the StackSocial website.

I’m sure we can still help!

But what if I’m one of those people who says “I don’t even have a TV”? Should I shut my damn mouth?

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So, this is some sort of IR transmitter with Internet connectivity? Still not quite as good as the NoviiRemote for my old Palm, then, though I can’t seem to find updated codes for that anymore.

My Internet-enabled blu-ray player has a remote-control app, but when it comes to my TV the alternative would be the serial port connection – which some people have apparently already been tinkering with.


Thanks, I appreciate the offer.

I wonder how strong the security is. I wouldn’t want some hacker channel surfing on me.

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Peel Remote - Universal enough, and an IR BLASTER, but… I find that the Samsung TV can be better be controlled by the Samsung Remote App and the Onkyo Stereo can be controlled, completely, by the Onkyo App - only if both devices are connected to the same internet box. Now, how much spying goes on with these apps?

Oh, but that UI! :scream:

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