Ray: One Remote to Rule them All


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No Chromecast support. Ixnay Android?


Why is this a device rather than a smartphone app? My phone has an IR blaster, and it’s much nicer than their circa-2010 looking hardware, so just give me the app.


I like having a remote with buttons so I can go by feel. But, having an app on my phone would be hilarious. “I don’t know, honey, didn’t you change the channel? You have the remote, I’m just looking at my phone.” :wink:


Such apps already exist.


If you have a Chromecast this thing may not be not so useful. The Chromecast can turn on your TV and set the volume, and you can use your phone/tablet to cast stuff onto the screen. I have a Synology NAS and Hulu/Netflix accounts and only find the remote to switch the TV off. Other than that it’s all phone apps setting up things to show on the TV.


Ugh, this thing looks so overly complex. What’s the value in going through a program guide on a tiny screen with touch versus on your giant tv with physical buttons? I’m a cord-cutter and wanted something to replace my Roku, soundbar (to change volume) and tv (for power) remotes without 60 useless buttons or a laggy touchscreen. I just got my Sideclick in the mail and it works pretty well! Not the highest quality, but it does a great job of taking those specific functions from the other remotes and literally snapping them onto my Roku remote.


Eh, seems nice enough. Sure wish the industry – well, Big Remote, I guess – would do more to adopt Bluetooth. (Keep infrared if you like, but start making BT standard now.)

Anyway, saw the post subject and was reminded of my favorite marketing miss – there’s an outfit called “Universal Remote Control, Inc.”, and against all expectations their motto is NOT “This could change everything!”


Oh good, another internet-of-things thing to get hacked!


One absolute requirement for a remote control is that you can do basic functions without looking at it. This device obviously fails even the preliminary test of basic functionality.


Verizon FIOS has such an app, and I have used it to trick my spouse in exactly the manner you described. After that fun wore off, it is only somewhat useful.


No apparent support for those of us who still have cable. I am sad.


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