Boar on the Floor

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“boar on the floor over there…”
“go fuck yourself dad.”

The entire series isn’t quite as batshit crazy as last night, but it feels as close to documentary as Silicon Valley does - exaggerated, but not by much.


I stopped watching by the end of the first season when I got sick of watching everyone treat each other like shit. Subtly funny at times, but I could not find a single redeeming quality in any character.


Assuming the clip is representative, it’s a show about a King Lear-esque millionaire (played by Brian Cox) who is sick of hearing bullshit from his sons and executives.

It’s that and more: a satire of late-stage capitalism and the utter arseholes who are at the top of the pile. The kids are all completely damaged by their father in different ways, making them all loathsome to the audience in different ways, too. The only slightly redeemable main character is poor Cousin Greg.

The showrunner is an alumnus of Armando Ianucci’s writer’s room, so the insults are cutting but also show the pettiness of the people uttering them


Leads me to believe the only protagonist is the viewer.

If you’re not paying attention Succession is just a bad drama about awful people. If you pay attention to the dialogue, the sly dry wit is amazing.


I just watched a few episodes of the first season after this post. Sorta schadenfreude fun but I enjoyed Billions much more for this rich-roasting genre.

According to the “about the episode” feature after the episode the whole dinner was inspired by Stalin. Supposedly, he would drink water and ply everyone else with liquor and wait for revelations that he would use against them.


I kept watching (and am watching the current season) but I agree that every single character (except maybe Greg, the tall, lanky nephew) is an unredeemable asshole. I want all of them to fall but I suspect if they plan to keep the show running for a while they won’t let that happen.

I do like Tom (the son-in-law) and his interactions with Greg despite Tom being just as corrupt as the rest. He’s just not as good at it so maybe I can root for him. Plus he’s the only bit of comedic relief on the show (the other son, Connor, is just cringe-inducing rather than funny).


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