Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints: ”The most sadistic program on TV," also #butts

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No comment on the FCC complaints, but here’s mine: everyone hypes this show as being soooo realistic and Shakespearean (which I’m parsing as “tragic but entertaining, and somehow deep”) but I found it increasingly pretentious and hard to take seriously.

By the time we get to the heavy-handed Jesus-figure stuff in the finale it was already in full self-parody mode for me. Also, #butts.


The really funny thing is that the show ran on FX, which, not being an over-the-air broadcaster, the FCC has absolutely no control over. They might as well have been writing Santa Claus.


I just want to express my gratitude for the text at the bottom there:

I just happened to run across this and am extremely offended and shocked that we would allow programming like this on TV. What has happened to our standards and morals? And we wonder why our young people are turning out the way they are…

It’s fairly realistic dialog, but a little over-the-top. What happened to the character who said this?

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There I did it.


I thought the show was pretty good but Charlie Hunnam is a cardboard cutout who couldn’t come close to hanging with the other talent. I couldn’t make it through season 4 though so maybe I missed something.


Your basic cable dollars’ worth!


I’d like to complain about insufficent fucking swearing in soa.
Thank you to all you fuckers for listening.

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I couldn’t get into it, but I appreciate butts.

I mean butt I appreciate…



Way to butt in there.


Christ, what a butthole.

I was about halfway through the text in the image before I realised it wasn’t going to end with “…great stuff! 5/5!”

People are weird.

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