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Best price I’m seeing (in the US, for the record) is about twice that. Alas.


We have a lot of fun playing this as a family (kids are 9 and 11). Each person gets a role that grants them a special skill. There’s a lot of strategy discussion on each turn.

There are a few rules that weren’t clear at first but after a few times through we got it all figured out.

The end of the game gets pretty nerve wracking as the island continues to sink and you’re trying to get everybody to the helicopter. (The “Waters Rise” card elicits an audible groan from everybody)


I played “Forbidden Desert” once, in which the playfield slowly gets buried in sand while everyone dies from dehydration.

I started thinking that the logical extension would be “Forbidden Office”, in which one slowly becomes buried in paperwork while fending off existential dread by procrastinating on the Internet and consuming coffee furtively dosed from a hip flask. But maybe that would be too real.


Re: Forbidden Office

I play board games to escape my problems. :-1:


Couldn’t resist a half-price King of Tokyo.


Stop describing my work day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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