This board game takes place over a really bad year for humanity

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It sounds like they’ve designed a boardgame that you can only get a discreet number of plays out of before it’s not useable anymore. That’s… odd.

or Art.
or the RL equivalent of software licenses.

I love a good board game, but am I the only one that thinks it’s ridiculous to spend more than about $20 on one?

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I guess they’re taking a card from Risk: Legacy which did a similar thing of having a series of play-throughs, where the board and the rules changes as you play, based on your actions, so by the end you end up with a completely unique game (for example, you could place cities that gave defensive bonuses, or name continents).
My friends had an ongoing game of it, and seemed to really enjoy themselves, they were planning on hanging the board on the wall as a memento of the few months it took them.
So think of it less as a board game that you can only play X number of times, and more as an experience to share with a bunch of friends.
(You’ll probably end up spending more on snacks than the game itself)

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That depends on how you see humanity, I guess.

Especially if I were going to destroy it. The waste-not-etc side of me would want to make copies - possibly digital-only - and play using those.

The common price nowadays is around 34-50, with games that are more expensive around 60-90.

But of course, that depends on the game, the genre, the stuff in the box.

Or well, … yes it is ridiculous but it is more ridiculous to do it and not have people to play and … we fans do that a lot too :confused:

People pay $12 a person for two hours of non-interactive entertainment in a movie theater.

Heck, they pay upwards of $30 a person to see a play or upwards of $100 to see an opera…

I don’t see how $50 on something that gives a handful of people a few evenings of fun is a “bad deal”.

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Well, is kinda more like you are buying a campaign, or a roleplaying adventure, but on a boardgame… although yep, the fact that you cant go back to the original state easily may be a problem. But … this is probably something you are only going to play once. With a dedicated group of people, that are going to be around for the whole length of the campaign

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